‘The Returned’ Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: Simon

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
‘The Returned’ Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: Simon
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The Returned” Season 1 continues with episode 2, titled “Simon.” A&E gave fans the chance to watch the episode online, before it airs on TV on Mar. 16, 2015. Read to learn more about it.

The episode flashes back six years ago when Rowan and Simon were about to be married the next day. Lena plays the drums while Jack is playing pool with Camille. Jack teaches Lena how to play the drums. Rowan takes a picture of them. At home, Simon kisses Rowan. She thinks it’s bad luck. He tickles her and she tells him she’s pregnant. The next day, Simon doesn’t show up at the wedding. A police enters and informs her about the bad news.

At present, Rowan is planning her wedding with Tommy. Tommy receives a call from Nikki and leaves. The priest asks Rowan if she’s ready to get married. She feels that Tommy deserves better.

Julie runs through the photos of missing persons. She tells the police about Victor. He asks for her statement. She goes home and asks Victor why nobody is looking for him. He hugs her. On their way out, Julie tells Annie that Victor is her nephew. Annie tells her about Mr. Goddard. Julie leaves. Annie bids Victor goodbye and he stares back at her.

Camille asks Lena if she died. She says she’s afraid of herself. Downstairs, Lena wonders if they’re going to act like everything’s normal. Lena leaves and Jack runs after her. She wonders why they’re keeping it a secret now that his favorite daughter has come back. Camille enters Lena’s room and sees her photos.

Simon grabs himself a sandwich and asks the bartender for Rowan. Lena notices Simon and approaches him. He apologizes for his behavior.

The police question Tony. At the station, he insists that he didn’t kill Lucy. Banks shows him photos of victims with bite marks on their stomach. Tommy asks Banks to leave. He thinks that Tony’s keeping something from him.

At the bar, Lena finally remembers why Simon looked familiar and searches for their photo.

Claire tells Peter that she hopes that she and Jack can get back together. He tells her he’s concerned about her. Then, Camille arrives. She tells them she didn’t get any sleep and calls herself a zombie. He calls her a miracle. She wonders why she got her life back. Peter leaves and kisses Claire. Camille watches them from her room. She leaves through the window. Claire enters Lena’s room. She sees torn posters and photos. She tries to call her. Jack arrives. He hugs her and she smells him reeking of alcohol. She decides to look for Camille on her own.

Camille heads to the bar and sees Lena with Ben. Hunter calls Camille and asks her to hang out with him. She refuses his offer. Claire tells her that Hunter didn’t recognize her. They arrive home. Lena confronts Camille for what she did to her room. Camille asks her if she hangs out with Ben a lot.

Simon heads to the library and sees Rowan. She sees him and sighs. She tells him that marrying Tommy doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love him anymore. Children enter the room and Simon leaves. The police run after him. At the station, Nikki tells Simon that their records show that Simon Moran died six years ago. Tommy tells Nikki to lock him up.

Tommy runs through old photos of Rowan. He sees Rowan’s photo with Simon.

At home, Julie puts Victor to sleep. She heads to bathroom. Victor gets himself a pen and draws the lake. Julie takes off her clothes and her stomach bears scars similar to the photos with bite marks shown at the police station.

There you have it for the episode recap of A&E’s “The Returned.” Stay tuned on Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

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