The Returned Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: Victor

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
The Returned Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: Victor
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The Returned” Season 1 Episode 4 titled, “Victor“ aired on March 30, 2015 on A&E. Read last week’s recap here.

The episode kicks off with Victor’s mom reading him a bedtime story about a fairy. She kisses him and puts him to bed. In the middle of the night, Victor wakes up to a scream. Somebody shoots and Victor hides in his closet. A man in a mask enters his room and tells him to stay there and sing a song in his head until they leave. Another man hears him and shoots Victor.

At present, Victor nestles beside Julie. She wakes up to someone screaming for help. She heads outside and sees Annie dead on the floor. She glances at Victor.

Nikki asks Julie about Annie. Victor rushes out of the bathroom when the lights go out. Nikki asks about him and tells her she could be charged for kidnapping. Julie asks her to stay out of it.

Julie sees Victor’s drawings. She looks for him and sees him inside the closet. She shows him the drawing and asks him if he saw anything last night.

Nikki arrives and Julie tells Victor that Nikki will take him to a better place. She hugs him and he cries. Nikki tells her it’s the right thing.

Claire thinks Jack’s right about moving. Jack wonders what changed her mind. She tells him she feels hopeful. Someone knocks on the door. It’s Shane; he tells her they’re looking for Jack to ask about Lucy. Jack leaves with them.

In the kitchen, Camille wonders why the police were there. Claire tells her about moving. Upstairs, Lena is bleeding. She falls down the stairs and Claire sees the wound on her back.

Peter arrives at the hospital. He wonders when the wound started. Lena tells them it started when Camille came back. Camille leaves.

The doctor asks Claire if there’s anything she’s keeping from them. Her case looks very unusual. Claire tells her there’s none.

Peter receives a call. He tells Claire that Jack is a suspect for Lucy’s death. She thinks he should respect her personal life.

Jack arrives at the hospital. Claire confronts him on spending Camille’s college fund on a hooker. He tells her about Lucy’s ability of talking to dead people. She tells him she’s not going anywhere with him. Camille listens from afar.

The episode flashes back four years ago. Lena goes to the funeral home with her friends and hugs Camille. She sees the scar on her back (similar to the one she had now) and finds out that a metal piece went through Camille’s back. She lashes out on Ben.

At the station, Tommy interrogates Jack about Lucy. Jack insists that he never did anything against her. Tommy leaves and checks on the footage at home. He watches Simon and Rowan making love to each other at home.

Chloe notices the camera in her room and shows Rowan. Rowan tells Simon about the camera. He thinks she’s not safe anymore. Chloe enters the room and introduces her to Simon. Simon asks her to leave with him. Rowan tells her she needs to talk to Tommy.

Tommy arrives and Rowan confronts him. He admits he started getting worried when she acted strangely. She tells him she’s leaving. He tells her that Pastor Wright asked him to conceal the fact that Simon killed himself after learning that she was pregnant.

Helen visits Pastor Wright. She tells him that there’s something wrong with the water. She accuses him of lying when he told people about the afterlife. She tells him dead people should not live after dying. Pastor suggests that she stay at the dormitory and leaves.

Helen arrives at the dormitory. Peter welcomes her and sees Victor arrive at the center. At night, the lights go off and Victor panics. Peter notices and tells him to sing a song in his head until he falls asleep. Victor’s eyes widen.

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