‘The Returned’ Season 1 Premiere Recap: Camille

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
‘The Returned’ Season 1 Premiere Recap: Camille
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“The Returned” Season 1 premiere episode titled, “Camille” aired on Mar. 9, 2015 on A&E.

The first episode of “The Returned” kicks off and introduces a girl named Camille. At the bus, the teacher reminds her that her paper is due on Monday. The bus skids and falls off the cliff. Camille stands and finds her way home.

During a group meeting, Kris announces that she and Matthew are having a baby. She thanks everyone for helping them move forward. The city experiences a blackout. Peter notices that there’s something weird with the sky.

Nina discusses the monument they’ve planned for the dead students. Jack disagrees and thinks it’s not a good idea. Kris wonders why he still bothers attending their meetings. Jack tells her that it’s good for him.

Upstairs, Camille’s mom, Claire hears the door open and close. She thinks it’s Lena. She heads downstairs and sees Camille. Camille asks her not to get mad. She tells her it’s weird that she woke up in the mountains. Claire is dumbfounded. Camille asks for Lena. Claire tells her she’s at her friend’s. Camille heads upstairs.

Claire calls Jack and asks him to come home immediately. She checks on Camille upstairs. Jack arrives. She tells him that Camille came. Jack thinks she’s joking, he knocks on the door and calls Lena. He opens the door and sees Camille.

Downstairs, Claire runs him down on the details. Camille arrives and notices her dad smoking. She tells him she thinks she had a coma and wonders if she should see a doctor.

On the way home, Julie passes by a young man by the shed. She parks her car and checks on the shed and she doesn’t see the boy anymore. While she was checking her locker, she notices the young man looking at her by the door. She asks for his parents. He stays silent. She asks him to go inside with her. Her neighbor, Annie sees her arrive and asks the boy’s name. Julie tells her it’s Victor. Inside, Julie tells him that she’ll take him to the police tomorrow.

Peter arrives. Claire tells him that Camille’s back. She brings and introduces him to Camille. He asks her about the bus accident. She tells him she doesn’t remember. He thinks it’s her way of coping.

Downstairs, Jack calls Lucy and asks her to call him back. He sees Peter and asks him for an explanation.

Simon finds his way to the bar. He asks Lucy for Rowan. Lucy tells him she doesn’t know anyone named Rowan. Lena tells him she knows Rowan. On the way to Rowan’s home, she wonders why she has never seen him before. He leaves her when he sees her home. Simon peeks through the door. Then. he sees Rowan trying on her bridal veil. He knocks on her door. She asks him to go away and cries. Her daughter approaches her and asks her if she’s okay. Simon runs.

Helen arrives at home and stays in bed next to her husband. He wakes up and gets startled. He calls Julie but hangs up on her and leaves. He thinks he’s imagining things and kills himself.

Jack confronts Lucy when she told him she could contact Camille from the other side. He tells her she conned her all this time. Lucy leaves. On the way home, a mysterious man stabs her.

Lena arrives home. She gets startled when she hears someone knock on her wall. She knocks on the wall and Camille enters her room. She screams. Claire rushes upstairs.

The end of episode flashes back to the time before Camille heads to her school trip. She wonders why Lena doesn’t want to join. After they leave, Lena’s boyfriend arrives. She tells him she can’t make love with him because she and Camille like him. Inside the bus, Camille suddenly shouts and tries to leave the bus.

There you have it for the episode recap of A&E’s “The Returned.” Stay tuned on Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

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