Revenge Season 4 Recap: Abduction

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Revenge Season 4 Recap: Abduction
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Can you picture a good Victoria, someone who doesn’t scheme and just radiates pure goodness? Would that be believable? You be the judge. Read below for the full recap of “Revenge” Season 4 Episode 13 “Abduction.”

Emily and Victoria were now captives of Malcolm Black. He knows how to keep his captives from escaping, and that’s by putting them in a cage. Victoria blamed Emily for what happened to them. Malcolm sent David a video showing the two women in his life. If he wants to have them back, he needs to bring Kate to Malcolm unharmed and alive. Oops, Kate is long gone already dear daddy!

So far, David’s been feeding off Malcolm with voicemails of Kate just to show him that she’s still alive. It was before he goes to the spot where they will exchange hostages. Of course David has nothing to exchange, so he planned on killing Malcolm instead, and that was very tricky.

Jack asked Ben for help, who was reluctant at first. It was until Jack convinced him by saying that Malcolm might be the one responsible for Alvarez’s disappearance. They tracked Emily through her car. Back in their cage, Emily tried to convince Victoria to work together, but knowing Victoria, she didn’t want to go along. Then Malcolm came to them. Victoria told him that she’s going to tell him where Kate is in exchange of her freedom and directed him to Jack. Malcolm then sent Ivan to Jack, but before he leaves, Emily attacked Ivan, which Malcolm immediately stopped.

Emily was so pissed at Victoria that she hinted that her father plots on killing her. It was the reason why she knows about the lighthouse. She also told her that she was the one who got them into this mess when she sent Kate a picture of her. Victoria said that she only did that to help David.

When they got to the meeting spot, Malcolm realized that his daughter is dead, so he shot David in the leg and dragged him to suffer. It was pure action right there when Emily fought off Malcolm. Surprisingly, Victoria helped her and even looked worried. She kept on shouting Emily’s name while she was being dragged off to the fire by Malcolm to kill her.

Ivan got to Jack, and they Jack found that Ivan has a mark at the back of his jacket. It is the same mark that he and Amanda used when they were still children, treasure hunting. So that’s why Emily attacked Ivan to leave a clue on him. They picked it up right away because the mark is made of coal, so they went to the only place that uses coal.

Emily struggled to live so Victoria did another surprising thing. She told Malcolm that she was the one who killed Kate for killing her son, and she loved every minute of it. David managed to kill Malcolm.

After that, Victoria told David that she knew about his plan to kill her. She said that he and Emily deserves to live together while she mourns for her son. Victoria suggested that they go their separate ways.

As for Louise, her mom came into town. Even though she stopped taking her pills, she couldn’t believe her eyes first when she saw her mom. Penelope talked to Nolan. She told him that Louisa can’t live without money. It was also why her father left her the money so she could get rid of her mother. Nolan came up with a plan. She and Louise got married, which means that the money is no longer under Penelope’s control. However, Penelope isn’t someone that you can just take down easily, so she did something nasty. She told Louise during the wedding celebration that the pills helped her to forget that she killed her father.

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