Revenge Season 4 Recap: Aftermath

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Revenge Season 4 Recap: Aftermath
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Now it has been revealed why Mason Treadwell is back in town on “Revenge” Season 4, Episode 21 “Aftermath.” Read below for the full recap.

Victoria’s dead – or is she? After the explosion at the Grayson Manor, Emily went back to the Hampton. She got news that a charred body was found in the explosion. It was difficult to identify the body, but luckily they were able to recover some teeth that matched Victoria’s dental records. With that being said, her death is now ruled suicide and to add to that, Margaux and Louise found a suicide note delivered at Margaux’s door.

Nolan was busy with Tony and their relationship is really blossoming. In fact, it is so good that he didn’t know Grayson Manor was on fire until now. He now expects that Emily will borrow his private jet to set things right with Jack now that Victoria is dead. However, Emily wasn’t done yet with complications because she set off and met Mason Treadwell.

Mason and Emily talked inside her car. Mason told her to clear his name regarding Gordon Murphy’s death or else he will release a book exposing her. Emily then asked Nolan to forge a paper trail that connects Conrad Grayson to Gordon’s death and any moment now, Mason will get what he wants.

In other news, Margaux and Louise were surprised with Victoria’s death and they believe that Emily’s behind it. The two are determined to put Emily in jail.

The death of Victoria reached Jack and he grew concern for Emily because he knows that they will put the blame on her. He went back to Hamptons, setting aside Stevie’s protests.

Back in the Hamptons, Ben was the one who interrogated Emily and Jack. Emily used Mason as her alibi, but Mason won’t pick up his phone. So she asked Ben to search her car for Mason’s fingerprints to prove her story. Amidst all these, Jack found out that Emily left Ben and went after him.

So much for Nolan’s happy ending because just when he and Tony were on their way to take a vacation, Tony got news that he’s been approved for adopting a baby and the baby will arrive in two days. Tony suggested that they break things up because once the baby arrives, he will be busy because he will be a single dad.

When Emily returned to her house, she got a call from Mason. She told her that he has gotten his pardon, but he won’t provide her with an alibi. It turns out that everything was Victoria’s plan. When they search Emily’s car they found Victoria’s hair and traces of blood. Victoria even left a video for Emily about her plan. Emily was arrested and sent to jail. It’s not only that because Margaux is also planning to assault Emily via the media.

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