Revenge Season 4 Recap: Atonement

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Revenge Season 4 Recap: Atonement

What’s “Revenge” without its shocking deaths? Find out who met his/her demise in Episode 10 "Atonement."

The episode kicked off with Margaux and Daniel talking about their unborn child. It turned out that Margaux wishes to raise their child alone because she doesn’t trust Daniel anymore, and she thought that he’s very much like his father — when the going gets tough, so does he.

Daniel was so upset to hear about Margaux’s decision because he knows that he’s not like his father. We were taken down memory lane when Daniel reminisced about the time when he was still in college and a member of a frat when his father asked him not to testify against his frat brother who assaulted a girl. This got him confused because he really wanted to do it, but his father explained to him that his frat brother’s family was very powerful, and he didn't want to get in their way. Daniel was devastated because he wanted to be the better man and testify, but due to his father’s wishes and hold on him, he didn’t.

Victoria knew about the falling out between his son and Margaux as well as the pregnancy. She stopped being evil for a while and went to Margaux first to tell her that Daniel isn’t like his father. Then she stopped by to talk to Daniel and told him that he’ll be a great dad. However, Daniel told her about the time that he helped cover up the framing of David Clarke and shooting David’s ex-wife. Instead of giving advice, Victoria was the one who was given with one by her own son — he told her to stop with the lies and own up to all the terrible things that they have done. And then Daniel left his mother alone at the bar.

Finally, Margaux came to her senses and came to Daniel and apologized. She’s letting Daniel be a father to their child.  Oh, bittersweet.

Meanwhile, Victoria was freaking out because Malcolm Black wanted to kill all of them because they can’t pay him back for all the money that they owe him. She suggested to David to get the money from Emily. However, David wasn’t up for the idea and made Victoria promise that she won’t interfere. But of course, she did.

Agent Kate Taylor came to Victoria, and she worked for Malcolm. She went to Victoria because she’s confused as to why Victoria was pointing her at Emily’s direction. Victoria explained telling her that Emily was room mates with Amanda back in juvy, and they have developed such a deep friendship. Emily has grown very attached to Amanda and the people she loves that she’s willing to help David out. Still confused, Kate still pushed through to get to Emily.

We saw David getting poisoned from one of his old friends in prison, and he slipped the poison into Victoria’s glass. But when she’s about to take a sip, Victoria finally came clean to him (thanks to Daniel) and told him that she stole the computer to help frame Conrad. She did this because she found out about what he did to his first wife and never told her about it.

As for Nolan, she tried to make it up to Louise by asking her to cohost his event that night. Then there’s Emily who’s after Kate. She put cameras all over her hotel room and even warned Jack about Kate. At first, he didn’t believe her, but then Emily and Nolan’s suspicions were confirmed when they saw Kate inside the hotel room using a very secure phone. So Emily came up with a plan to steal the phone during the event that night at Nolan’s new club.

She was able to steal the phone, but Kate got to her. Kate told her that she knows she’s the real Amanda, and she actually needed her help to take Malcolm Black down because he has her mother as hostage. Emily told her to meet her at her house to talk. When Kate got there, she revealed that she’s actually Malcolm Black’s daughter, and that’s when Emily realized that she can’t trust her and she’s bad news. They got into a physical fight, and Daniel heard the commotion that he went to the house right away and took the bullet that was meant for Emily. And just when Kate was about to shoot Emily, Jack shot Kate.

Daniel died in Emily’s arms, and Emily told her that not everything in their relationship was a lie. And his death only confirmed that he’s definitely not like his father.

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