Revenge Season 4 Recap: Burn

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Revenge Season 4 Recap: Burn
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The latest episode of “Revenge” Season 4, Episode 20 “Burn” seems like the perfect way to end the show, you will really think what’s still going to happen? Does the show can still continue onto another season with everything that happened in this episode and it’s not even the finale yet!

Nolan and Amanda had a great talk regarding their friendship with Nolan saying that he and “Emily” have been the best part of his life and Amanda assures him that he’s not going to lose her and that they’re a team and they’re going to get through this because that’s what they do best. And to make it even more a “pinch to the heart” (in a good way) Amanda added, “There’s always going to be a Nolan and Emily.”

Meanwhile, Nolan and Tony are really kicking it off that he even sponsored a charity event for Tony’s work. Of course, parties in the Hamptons don’t go smoothly – ever. And Louise decided to crash the party making a scene there about her quick divorce and wrecked marriage with Nolan. Nolan pulled her aside to talk to her but Louise was trying to get a confession out of him because she was recording it on her phone, which Nolan knows so he takes her phone and reset it to its factory settings.

Jack, on the other hand, quit his job at the club and left LA. Nolan tried to get him closer to Amanda but Jack doesn’t want to because he knows that Amanda will never stop and asked Nolan never tell him again that Amanda loves him. Before he left, Amanda tried to go after him but she was too late. Ben also ended his relationship with Amanda when he realized that Amanda really wants Jack.

David went to Stevie to sign some papers and he was late and it turns out that David is hiding another secret – he has lymphoma, which is very aggressive. And when Amanda came to him to tell her that it was the first time in her life that she doesn’t have to fight any battles, David opted not to tell his daughter that there’s another battle brewing that she, again, has to fight.

Victoria, Louise and Margaux were all plotting against Amanda but Amanda was quick to smell this that she took the thumb drive that Victoria handed to the agent for safekeeping. Little did they know, Victoria has a different plan on her own for her vengeance against Amanda. She turned on the gas in her house, sat on her throne and lit a fire. She blew herself up to place the blame on Amanda.

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