Revenge Season 4 Recap: Clarity

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Revenge Season 4 Recap: Clarity
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Revenge” Season 4, Episode 18 “Clarity” was full of confessions, and one big secret is finally out in the whole Hamptons. Read below for the full recap:

Margaux told Victoria that she shouldn’t make a big deal out of the whole Emily thing (“pushing” her towards a running vehicle and killing her child). However, Victoria will not let that go easily. This woman’s out for vengeance.

Meanwhile, when Louise got back from Lyman’s funeral looking all flustered, Nolan asked her what he could do to help and Louise’s answer took him by surprise when she asked for a baby with him. Oops! During the hospital board meeting, the board doesn’t want to make a wing under Daniel’s name and so Emily chimed in that she has already forgiven Daniel, but the board still disagreed. After the meeting, Victoria caught up with Emily and told her about having her grandson’s blood on her hands, then left. Emily was left confused.

Tony arrived at the Beach Club for Nolan and he invited him to his party, but Nolan said that he’s not sure. When he left, Jack talked to Nolan and said that he should talk to Louise about how he really feels.

Meanwhile, Ben has been promoted as detective and Victoria took this chance to scheme by popping in his office and said to Ben that she’s in good terms with the police chief and if he finds out that he has helped Emily in illegal activities, he might just kiss his job goodbye. In exchange for her not to talk, Victoria told Ben to look into Lyman’s death. After that, she went to Louise pretending to be sympathetic regarding her loss but her real intention for being there was to pry. Louise picked up on that right away and she threw Victoria out of the house, but Victoria didn’t go without leaving her something to think about: if Nolan has told her the truth about Daniel’s death.

Emily went to visit Jack and asked him a favor – to change his statement about what happened to Kate Black. Stevie overheard the whole thing and she and Emily argued. Jack tried to talk to Stevie and she explained to him why changing his statement is a bad idea. She asked if he’s considering it because of Emily. He didn’t answer, but his face said it all.

Jack then went to Emily and said that he can’t help her. Stevie then went to David and told him what a bad father he is and he should face reality.

Nolan still went to Tony’s party after all, but he told Louise that he’s staying late for work. Tony heard this and he went straight to Nolan and said that he will not be a home wrecker. The next day, Louise told him that Victoria stopped by and then she started to pry regarding Daniel’s death. After that she saw on gossip blogs that Nolan was at the beach the night before.

James went to Margaux to tell her that someone named White Gold wants to take care of the Emily Thorne problem. Nolan confessed to Jack about the truth behind Lyman’s death, but Louise overheard the whole thing. Then that night he asked for a divorce and Louise agreed, even thanking him for his honesty.

Margaux met up with White Gold to cancel the Emily Throne job and she agreed. But now Margaux knows who she is and they are going to have a problem.

During Ben’s party, Emily took the podium to offer a speech and then announced that Daniel saved her life and Malcolm Black was her attacker… and she’s Amanda Clarke.

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