Revenge Season 4 Recap: Damage

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Revenge Season 4 Recap: Damage
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In “Revenge” Season 4 Episode 6 “Damage,” David seemed to be hiding something. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Louise told Page Six that she’s partners with Daniel. Victoria heard all about this, and she wouldn’t miss the chance to cause more trouble. She hinted to Daniel that she knows Louise from a psychiatric hospital and also reminded him of Emily Thorne.

For Louise, all she wants to do is rebuild her relationship with Victoria, especially now she’s trying to help her son. Instead of a warm hug and catching up, Victoria threatened her. She told that a mother’s love can be terrifying if she’s just trying to play her son. She walked away to have lunch with Margaux right in front of Louise.

Seeing this, Louise then decided to make the next step by simply befriending Margaux. Daniel confronted her about his mother, but Louise only said that her plans have nothing to do with him.

Meanwhile, Charlotte slept with Vince. But when she woke up, she saw Vince pointing a gun at her. She fought back and was able to hit him that broke his neck. Charlotte killed Vince, and she panicked and called her sister, Emily. When Emily got there, she tried to make the scene as if Vince died from an overdose. While Emily was cleaning up, Charlotte showed her the file of his father. She noticed that the car keys lying around are the same model of the car that tried to run his father over. Charlotte even accused her of being ashamed, and that’s when she’s had it and told Charlotte that she’s the only person who can pull herself out of it.

Charlotte, with Emily’s remark in mind, packed her bags. She told her mom that she’s checking herself in a rehab. She then confronted her about not telling David about Emily and killing Aiden. On her way, she found a note in her bag from Emily. 

David was set for an interview, and he asked Nolan to be with him. Nolan was surprised when they go live. David accused him of a lot of stuff: from stealing his daughter’s inheritance and letting her work as a stripper, his betrayal and told national TV that he’s never going to forgive him. And he’s not done yet because Nolan walked away, but he followed him to his place and punched him. Still, Nolan didn’t rat out Emily.

Emily asked Nolan to hack into the FBI to look at David’s file and watch his interview. She went back to David’s place where Conrad held him, but it looked like the cell hasn’t been used for years. It seemed that David is lying about something.

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