Revenge Season 4 Recap: Epitaph

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Revenge Season 4 Recap: Epitaph
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The return of “Revenge” Season 4 Episode 11 “Epitaph” was heartbreaking yet at the same time, some things never change as it wrapped up in a way that left viewers gasping again. Read below for the full recap.

The episode kicked off with almost how it left us before its winter break. The only difference is we were at the Clarke beach house where David and Victoria was. They hurriedly ran out of the house when they heard gun shots coming from the Grayson Manor. When they got there, they saw Emily closing Daniel’s eyes and Victoria lost it and freaked out at Emily.

Then we saw Kate’s phone with a message from her father asking her where she is. David got all panicky because Malcolm Black can’t find out that they killed their daughter or else they will all die. Jack suggested that they make sure that Malcolm Black doesn’t find out that Kate’s dead. They all agreed to cover up Kate’s death and not tell the police about it. David was left in charge to hide Kate’s body while the police came in the manor to investigate what happened. They staged the whole scene so that it would look like Emily shot Daniel as self-defense. Ben grew suspicious that they are not telling the police the truth.

While the investigation was happening at the Grayson’s manor, David and Victoria quickly returned back to the summer house and then Chief Alvarez showed up to regarding Daniel’s death. However, it was David who answered the door. He told Alvarez that Victoria isn’t emotionally ready to be questioned as of the moment. Victoria came down after that and she told David that she’s not up for his plan yet David insisted that she follow through.

Their plan is to ensure that Malcolm Black doesn’t realize that his daughter is dead. Nolan took of it by making sure to make it as if Kate’s still alive. Through the use of technology and planting digital information , they would make Kate look like she’s in Florida so that Malcolm Black would stay away from coming to New York. Fortunately, Nolan can also track Black’s private planes and he found out that one plane is departing from Ottawa and its destination still unknown.

To make matters worse for Victoria who’s mourning the death of her son, she found out that David has convinced Charlotte’s doctor not to let her come home for the funeral. That did it and Victoria tried to leave David. He stopped her and told her that he was a prisoner of her lies for 20 years, it’s time that she pays up. David wanted to make sure that Victoria isn’t going anywhere so she forced her to stay at the Grayson’s Manor with Emily.

As for Jack, he’s not handling things very well. She even requested for a time off from his police job. Meanwhile, at the Grayson Manor, Margaux showed up crying to Victoria, telling her that Emily might have lured Daniel there to kill her. However, Victoria kept her word and stuck with the lie that they all agreed on. They told Margaux that she believes Victoria because she knows that Daniel and Emily just can’t get enough of each other. Margaux, shocked by Victoria’s response to her still feels determined to go to the police even without Victoria’s support.

And because of this, Emily got called down to the police station to be interrogated one more time. Somehow she was able to convince Ben by showing her vulnerable side. It’s so nice to see Emily being vulnerable from time to time. Yet we know that she’s in for more trouble now that she has made Margaux as her enemy and is determined make her pay for it.

They found out Malcolm Black’s plane headed south and everyone felt relieved. David also stopped by Emily to reveal that he was planning to kill Victoria. Their conversation got interrupted because it was time to go to Daniel’s funeral where Emily was disinvited to, thanks to Margaux’s wrath. But still, Emily went to the funeral but made sure to stay at the very back so no one can notice her.

The end of the episode showed Malcolm Black talking to Alvarez asking to speak to Agent Kate Taylor and killing Alvarez in the end after a snide remark. Well, this man’s really got temper and shows no mercy. Uh-oh.

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