Revenge Season 4 Recap: Intel

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Revenge Season 4 Recap: Intel
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Finally, we learned the truth about what David was doing after he was “killed” in prison in “Revenge” Season 4 Episode 9 “Intel.” Read on for the full recap.  

The episode kicked off with Emily torturing one of the men who attacked her father at the hospital. However, the man really didn’t have all the information that Emily needs, only a lead. He told her that the mastermind behind it was a guy with huge connections, and it was his partner, Pete, who did all the talking with the guy. The problem was Pete was dead. However, it looked like he committed a suicide. Meanwhile, Nolan, who thoguht that Emily was going too far with torturing, freed her captive.

Meanwhile, David was mending things with Nolan, and he told him what he was doing after he was stabbed and smuggled out of jail. He placed a USB drive along with the money in a safe, and his plan was to run away with Victoria, Amanda and Daniel. David also told Nolan that the man who’s after him was Malcolm Black, a businessman who runs illegal arms operations in Canada. He asked him to launder money, and if he didn’t oblige, he’d kill Amanda. He was able to get to evidence and plans to to get the proof to Nolan.

We also found out that Nolan didn’t just freed the man who was after David in the hospital, but he first made him drink a tracker so they could track his whereabouts, which will probably lead them to the mastermind. David was on his way to Victoria to tell her the truth, but Victoria made her move above anything else, which puts Emily in danger.

Victoria hired Vince and got a lead on Malcolm Black as well. He wanted David safe, while Victoria exchanged Emily and sent him Emily’s photo. The photo got to Kate, and Jack was there when the photo arrived. However, he was too busy making out with her that he didn’t see Emily’s photo.

Emily decided to go out with Ben after turning him down to extract information from him. They talked about Alvarez, and Emily came clean to Ben about asking him out because she’s in desperate need of intel.

Nolan was scheming, and he was able to make Louise open up. Then again, Louise found out that Margaux was behind all of these, and Nolan was actually doing Margaux a favor. As for Daniel, he tried to win Margaux back, but she wouldn’t budge until she dropped a bombshell, telling him that she’s pregnant.

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