Revenge Season 4 Recap: Kindred

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Revenge Season 4 Recap: Kindred
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Victoria might have just gained another enemy that she’s going to be busy with for a few more episodes, Emily on the other hand, has embraced being Emily while Louise finally learned the truth about her father’s death. Read below for the full recap of “Revenge” Season 4 Episode 14 “Kindred.”

Louise and Nolan got married so they could take Penelope out of Louise’s life. Of course, Penelope wasn’t that easy to take down when she dropped a bomb during the wedding reception last episode.  She told her own daughter that it was her who killed her father. Louise was perplexed because she couldn’t remember doing it but believes that she might have done it. She left Nolan with a note during the reception and left.

Nolan asked for Emily’s help. She and Louise went to Emily’s for a little “psychiatric care” from someone who has vast experience in it. She asked Louise about the time her father died. She let her fear on that day bubble to the surface so Louise can remember what went down that day. It turns out, it was actually her mom who was trying to kill her dad by pushing him down the stairs and it was her who saved him. With that realization, Penelope left town and Lyman’s left to fund his own campaign or find someone who would.

Meanwhile, David talked to Emily and he gave her birth certificate. He offered her to be Amanda Clarke again. Emily told her father that she’s happy being Emily now. She told the whole world that she’s Amanda would just shake things up and bring in more conflict.

As for Victoria, she threw a fundraising event for her son and yes, she’s keeping her word so far. She was not getting in the way of David and Emily. One unexpected visitor has turned the tables for Victoria. Natalie Waters, a new woman in town interrupted the fundraising event and is clearly after Victoria’s place in the Hamptons.

Margaux still wants to avenge the death of Daniel. She didn’t care at all when one of her magazines printed out a story about Emily and David being a couple. Emily tried to counter by bringing up Margaux’s father’s secrets, but Margaux wouldn’t budge.

Jack left her job and was about to tell Emily about it when he saw Emily and Ben kissing.

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