Revenge Season 4 Recap: Loss

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Revenge Season 4 Recap: Loss
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In “Revenge” Season 4, Episode 17 “Loss,” Emily dealt with Jack’s case while Margaux dealt with such devastating loss. Read below for the full recap.

Emily doesn’t want Carl not to grow up without a dad, which is why she was very eager to help Jack out of the rut that he was in. However, things went spiraling down when the cops lost Jack’s blood sample that would prove that he’s innocent.

The judge assigned to Jack’s case wasn’t very tough. It was because she actually let Jack go with bail while she sent a social worker to investigate Jack’s leaving condition and if he’s fit to raise a child on his own. Also, the Judge is running for elections. However, things turned around. It was when the some media companies offered her endorsements in exchange for her to ensure that Jack’s guilty. Blinded by this, she prosecuted Jack again.

Emily was upset with what happened that she asked Nolan for help. Nolan took out a video footage at the beach club. Jack was at before he got arrested and they saw someone slip something in Jack’s drink. Of course, Emily was able to track him down. His name was James and he was hired by Margaux. Emily got the blood sample from him but he managed to escape. After that, Emily asked Ben to slip the blood sample in the police lab and Ben agreed.

To get back at the judge and to save Jack, Emily put something in the judge’s water during a dinner event that she was in. When it was over, Ben asked her to stop and took a breathalyzer test and it was positive. Right on cue, Emily called Ben and talked to the judge. She told her that she knows what she did and if she doesn’t let Jack go she will tell everyone what she knows. The judge had no choice but to comply with Emily’s request.

Emily wants to make everything right that she met up with Margaux and gave her her real birth certificate. However, Margaux still wants her to confess to everyone what really happened with Daniel. Emily didn’t agree to that because plenty of lives will get ruined. Margaux walked away from her but she got hit by a car and lost her baby. When Victoria visited her at the hospital, she blamed Emily for what happened claiming that Emily pushed her and just like that Emily’s facing up to two evils now, Margaux and Victoria.

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