Revenge Season 4 Recap: Madness

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Revenge Season 4 Recap: Madness
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The latest episode of “Revenge” Season 4 has the most appropriate title ever, Episode 12 is “Madness” and indeed, this whole episode was pure madness! Read below for the full recap.

The episode kicked off with a flashback from David’s life in prison back in 2003 where it showed how he “died” in there. Of course, he’s really not dead because Malcolm Black saved him. He owes him and now he’s out to get them because his daughter is missing. Unbeknownst to him that his daughter is dead, he’s already scary enough, I wonder how scary he would be when he finds out about this.

David is determined to finish off Victoria. He told Emily about the plan that he’s hatching. He wanted to meet up with Victoria at a lighthouse where they often see each other back then and make her death look like suicide. However, Emily talked him out of it saying that that would be too easy for Victoria. She deserves to suffer while she loses everyone and everything in her life. Emily then tried to convince her father that they get out of the Hamptons. Why?

Well, because Malcolm Black came to Jack to ask where his daughter is. Jack isn’t a good liar that gave Malcolm Black a hunch that his daughter is around there somewhere. With his appearance at the precinct, Jack immediately called David to tell him that Black’s there and David spun into action to get rid of him. He called Black to tell him that his daughter is alive and to meet him at a certain location. David’s plan is to kill Black. Jack talked him out of this and told him to just present the evidence to the police, but David said it wouldn’t work. Jack took matters into his own hands and surrendered David’s evidence against Black. It was such a wrong move because Black got arrested but was let go after a while. Now, Black’s out to get revenge.

David’s fear of Black finding out that Amanda is still alive has intensified. He has to take things into perspective so they could get out of the Hamptons without Black knowing.

Meanwhile, Louise’s brother Lyman is in town as he’s running for congress. Nolan, who’s grown very fond of Louise said that something’s not right and asked Emily to find out. Emily reluctantly agreed and they went to dinner together with Lyman and Louise. Everything was going well until Louise had another hallucination attack.

Emily fulfilling her promise to her good friend found out that the Xanax that Louise has been taking is compounded with an anti-malaria drug, which causes the hallucinations. Her family has been doing this intentionally so her mother could control her inheritance. Louise doesn’t want any of her family’s secrets to come out so she asked Emily to not tell anyone.

Then we had Margaux who still can’t get over the fact. Victoria is believing Emily’s story and while she was at the precinct, she fainted and was rushed to the hospital. Her blood pressure shot up but don’t’ worry because the baby’s fine. Victoria showed up at the hospital and in order to calm Margaux down, she finally came clean and told her the truth. Daniel died saving Emily and even revealed that Emily is really Amanda Clarke. Completely unaware, Ben heard everything.

Victoria then met David at the lighthouse but was surprised to see Emily there. She was waiting for her and she had the argument that they always have until they got shot by tranquilizer darts. It’s Malcolm Black and now he knows that Amanda is alive.

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