Revenge Series Finale Recap: Two Graves

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Revenge Series Finale Recap: Two Graves
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The finale of “Revenge” Season 4 resulted in two deaths, hence, the episode’s title “Two Graves.” Read below for the full recap:

The episode kicked off with a flashback to young Amanda and David on their infamous porch. Amanda asked her dad why there are bad people and David answered that people aren’t born bad but its their choices that make them who they are. He promised that he will always be there for her to bring her back when she makes bad decisions.

Cut to the present day, Amanda was charged for Victoria’s murder and was put into jail. Of course, Victoria is alive and this is not the first time she faked her own death and we saw her giving Margaux information about how she faked her own death – it turns out that she used her mother’s body, yes, her mother’s but she didn’t kill her. Actually, it was her mother who contacted her in the first place so she went to visit her mom and all along she thought that her mom has changed knowing that she was already in her deathbed but she was wrong. Her mother only made her feel worse telling that her father is a bad person.

In prison, Amanda or should I say the Emily in her won’t go down without a fight because this woman has a plan and she has Nolan by her side on this. Nolan hacked into the prison’s alarm system, which triggered it with the impression that there is fire and when the doors automatically opened, Amanda met up with Nolan and Jack at the ceiling and left prison.

During Victoria’s funeral, she was there in disguise, which was pretty obvious that it’s her but never mind. Louise gave a touching eulogy for Victoria and Victoria told Margaux to get Louise to her because she’s devoted to her. Margaux was hesitant at first but she did what she was told. Victoria talked to Louise and she told her that she didn’t tell her right away because she doesn’t want her to get into trouble when something went wrong. She apologized to her and even told her that she’s realized the error of her ways and asked Louise to keep the charade for her.

Amanda and Jack found out that the dead body was actually Victoria’s mother and Ben was also killed there. News also broke that she has escaped prison so she and Jack decided to stay there for a while and that’s when they got to talking and she told him that ever since she ran into him and Sammy at the park made things okay for her because he has always made her fell safe. And then they kissed and did it at Victoria’s mother’s house.

Amanda was looking for proof that it was really Victoria’s mother’s body and Nolan was looking for proof that it was Margaux who hired White Gold to kill Ben and Amanda. Jack’s in trouble and David called the police but when they got there, Jack has already fought off White Gold. Amanda snuck into the hospital to visit Jack and she made a decision that she wants to kill Victoria and not put her in a cell.

When Jack woke up he found David there and he asked him for his blessing to marry Amanda, which David happily gave.

Now, it’s time that they get to Victoria so Nolan went to Margaux and too over her computer by putting the blame on Ben’s death on Margaux. Margaux was surprised that Jack was in the hospital because of White Gold but she argued that she only did the things that she did for the people she loves. In the end, she chose to make the right decision.

Louise has also come to her senses and told Victoria that she’s done listening to her and she knows that she’s only using her this whole time. And right on cue, Amanda entered with a gin pointed at Victoria. However, before she can pull the trigger, David did but then Victoria grabbed the gun and shot Amanda.

So, who died? Well, it was actually Victoria and David. And yes, Victoria is really dead now. Amanda got her own happy ending in the end and married Jack but there’s more, though. Because since she was shot Charlotte revealed to her that she had a heart transplant and it was actually Victoria’s heart in her. But this wasn’t confirmed, though.

Anyway, as for Nolan, he got his happy ending as well when Amanda sent over a guy who needs help proving that his mother is innocent of embezzlement and murder. Nolan said the last line, “Well played, Ems. Well played.”

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