‘Revenge’ Update: More of Louise Plus Spoilers

By April Lara | 3 years ago
‘Revenge’ Update: More of Louise Plus Spoilers
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Victoria Greyson should definitely be even more cautious now that Louise is staying around – for good. Read below for the full details.

According to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), “Revenge” star Elena Satine, who plays the role of Louise Ellis, has just been recently promoted to regular cast member. Elis is a wealthy yet “crazy” woman who has bouts of hallucinations. She also shares a past with Victoria inside a psychiatric hospital. Later on, she tried to seduce Victoria’s one and only son, Daniel. And currently, she’s working with Nolan Ross.

According to showrunner Sunil Nayar, “Revenge” fans can expect that Louise still a crazy woman, and they will also get to see the rest of her family as well. It wasn’t only Satine who got promoted as a series regular. The show also  added more regular cast including Brian Hallisay, who plays the role of Ben Hunter, Karine Vanasse as Margaux LeMacharl and James Tupper as David Clarke.

Nayar also describes the while Louise-Nolan tandem to THR. He also shared a bit of spoilers on what’s to expect in “Revenge” in the coming episodes.

“Aren’t they great? There’s something really nice about it. As the show started, Emily really took Nolan under her wing and taught him to do the things he’s done. Exclusive of the fact that they are so much fun to watch, she is a damaged bird whom he now gets to watch out for, and that dynamic deepens,”  Nayar said in the THR interview.

“Louise’s brother comes to town, and her hallucinations continue. We have a great episode coming up a with a huge great twist,” he added.

How are you liking Satine’s character on the show so far? Is Louise the character that you want to see all throughout “Revenge”? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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