Review – Cowboys and Aliens

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There are aliens in the movie Cowboys & Aliens; that should come as no surprise.

This movie starts as a provoking western. The role of Jake Lonergan is played by Daniel Craig. Jake is a tough desperado who wakes up in the desert without his boots, horse, or gun. He has an alien-looking bracelet around his wrist. Jake remembers nothing about why he is there or what has happened to him.

He rides into Absolution, Arizona, after defeating three cowboys. Absolution is a town that has an irresponsible bartender, a respectable sheriff, a quiet Indian tracker, and the bully son of the tyrant who runs the town, along with the tyrant himself. The roles of those characters are played by Sam Rockwell, Keith Carradine, Adam Beach, Paul Dano, and Harrison Ford.

The town then begins to be attacked by spaceships, horses began being stampeded, and people get lassoed into the air. The UFOs seem to make fun of the small cowboy weapons until Jake’s bracelet begins to glow and shoot death rays. A posse sets out to track down the abducted. Lawmen, thugs, a desperado, a tyrant, and a beautiful woman have all been taken by the aliens.

Cowboys & Aliens has received a three stars out of five. Harrison Ford plays the role as a sentimental old tyrant well. Jake and Ella, the beautiful woman played by Olivia Wilde, give the movie a soft, romantic touch.

Review - Cowboys and Aliens
Review - Cowboys and Aliens


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