Review: Friends With Benefits

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Friends With Benefits Is Unoriginal But Likeable

They could have waited a few more years before remaking ‘No Strings Attached’. The role that once belonged to Ashton Kutcher is now played by Justin Timberlake and Natalie Portman’s character was handed to Mila Kunis. This movie adds nothing new to the boy has no girl and girl has no boy, so why don’t boy and girl friends do the naughty, without any further obligation, only for one to fall in love with the other saga that we have seen over and over, time and time again. If Americans keep paying money to see nothing more than two hot celebrities going at it romantic comedy style, then why would Hollywood kill this cash cow?

Although the plot is unoriginal, the script has several good moments, especially all the one liners that make up the first half of the movie. Justin and Mila’s beautiful faces do add some much-needed sparkle to this film. The trysts between Justin and Mila are so adoringly cute rather than raunchy R-rated scenes. Justin and Mila are not the only cast members to get excited about. While ‘Friends With Benefits’ has its downfalls, you will not be let down as Andy Samburg, Patricia Clarkson, Jenna Elfman, Richard Jenkins, and Woody Harrelson do their best at making this movie better than what it is.

Co-writer/director Will Gluck who made ‘Easy A’ in 2010 got and easy C this time around. For a romantic comedy it is top of the line. When it comes to its originality it definitely flunked.

Review: Friends With Benefits
Review: Friends With Benefits


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