‘RHOBH’ Star Kyle Richards: ‘I Can’t Do Anything Right in Kim’s Eyes’

By Kathleen Villaruben | 4 years ago
‘RHOBH’ Star Kyle Richards: ‘I Can’t Do Anything Right in Kim’s Eyes’

When is this Richards sisters’ fued coming to an end? The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (RHOBH) star Kyle Richards explained the growing tension with her sister Kim. However, she also brought up the good stuff when she talked about her infamous kiss with Steven Tyler. Read on for further details.

Kyle wrote on her Bravo blog that she had no clue what to expect on Yolanda Foster’s Fantastic Race. She said that she was relieved and happy to see a healthy Camille Grammer, and sarcastically remarked that she was happy to be in the same team as Brandi Glanville.

The reality star did not expect to enjoy the game. She loved seeing Housewives tortured by forcing them to drink a shake, laughing, playing childhood games and running around town. Even though she found the activity useless, and did not initiate settling the issue with Brandi, she was open about reconciling with her.

She is of the opinion that they would never be friends anymore, but felt relieved that they could be civil and cordial with each other, considering they were in the same room. She laughed when Glanville said her line “Aggressive Spice” to the women outside Villa Blanca.

Kyle said that she never went to Amsterdam, which is why she was so happy to accept the Fosters’ invitation. She was hoping to go with her husband Mauricio but chose to enjoy with the Housewives instead.

The Bravo star explained that before going all the way to Amsterdam, Foster invited them for a stop-over in Calgary to attend David Foster Foundation’s charity event. She said she traveled with Kim, Glanville, Lisa Rinna and Yolanda. She wrote that Kim secretly told her about being upset with Rinna. She further defended Rinna saying that she was just worried, and accused Glanville of putting the blame on Rinna by shifting their conversation about Glanville’s behavior to Kim’s sobriety. She was disappointed that Glanville destroyed Rinna’s image before Kim.

Kyle suggested to Kim that she should voice out her concerns to Rinna as she was certain that Rinna would understand. Kim, on the other hand, told Kyle that she was only concerned about Rinna discussing the problem with others. The tension arose when Kim completely ignored Rinna on the plane. Kyle said she wanted to jump off the plane with a parachute that time. She felt uncomfortable being torn between her sister and her friend. The worse part for her was when Kim got mad at her for looking uneasy.

For the good stuff, Kyle shifted the conversation to Tyler. When he kissed her while they danced on stage on the song “Walk This Way,” she was very excited and looked at him in utter disbelief. She admitted being a superfan of Aerosmith, especially Tyler.

Good things do not last indeed and you realize that when Kyle talked about the impending conflict. She began by saying that she left her bag at a restroom in Amsterdam. She told the Housewives to go without her, but they chose to wait for her. She noticed that Kim and Glanville were irritated. She defended herself  by saying that she was jet lagged.

Kyle said that the worst part was the escalator crash. She stated that Glanville hurt her leg. She explained that the Housewives started colliding with one another on the escalator. She was thankful that somebody pressed the stop button.

After the slight mishaps, Kim blamed Kyle for everything, including the escalator accident. Kyle, on the other hand, said that she never made fun of Kim’s lapses, while Kim argued that she always did. Kyle explained that she was just frustrated because the plane would never wait for her.

“I couldn’t do anything right in my sister’s eyes and things only get worse from here on,” Kyle wrote. She claimed that the next episode would be the most intense yet of all seasons of “RHOBH.”

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