Rice: Deen being Crucified

By admin | 5 years ago

Interview With the Vampire author, Anne Rice had not heard of Paula Deen the celebrity chef until Friday of last week, but she feels the TV chef is being “crucified.”

In a short defense of the chef, Rice wrote Friday on her Facebook, then she engaged in additional discussion with fans, many of whom then wrote expressing their dismay that the author would stand by her defense of Deen.

Deen became embroiled in a big scandal over a court deposition in which she said she has a history of using certain racial epithets. She gave a public apology, but Deen nevertheless lost her contract with the Food Network and one prominent sponsor. Currently QVC is reviewing its relationship with Deen.

Rice said she had not heard of Deen until Friday, but said what she was going through was like a crucifixion. She said she could be wrong but isn’t this similar to being a lynch mob culture.

An educator who is African American from the southern part of the U.S. wrote sharing her disappointment in Rice’s defense of Deen, but the author refused to back down.

She wrote that that she believed Deen’s brother came off as being detestable, but she did not think Deen should be crucified as she is being. She called it unfair.

Though Deen has seen her public image take a beating, she is not without those who defend and support her. Besides the author, Glenn Beck has come to the celebrity chef’s defense.

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