‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ Star Roxy Sowlaty No Longer Invited to Morgan Stewart’s Wedding?

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ Star Roxy Sowlaty No Longer Invited to Morgan Stewart’s Wedding?
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“Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” Season 3 is bound to air a lot of tension and drama amongst its cast members. The latest episode of the E! reality series showed Roxy Sowlaty and Morgan Stewart’s argument, which eventually leads to the fallout of their friendship. Will Sowlaty no longer be invited to Stewart’s wedding? Read on to learn more about this scoop.

In the latest episode of “#RichKids of Beverly Hills,” Morgan Stewart and Roxy Sowlaty, who have long been friends before the E! reality series came to light on TV, had an intense confrontation with each other. Sowlaty and Stewart were fighting over their partners’ business deal.

Sowlaty’s boyfriend, Nicholas Bijan and Stewart’s fiancé, Brendan Fitzpatrick entered into a business deal, which severely affected the friendship between the two stars of the reality show. Sowlaty recounted to Us Weekly that she did not want to get herself involved in the business deal, but Stewart asked her to choose between her and her boyfriend’s side.

“If I had to choose a side, it would be my boyfriend’s side. I think he’s right. And I think she thinks her fiancé is right, and it’s therefore caused a rift in our friendship, which is why I didn’t want to be involved,” Sowlaty confessed.

The 27-year-old star also admitted that she felt “devastated” over the fallout of their friendship and said that Stewart used to be her best friend. Sowlaty also told the outlet that the hardest thing for her was knowing that she can no longer be part of Stewart’s wedding preparations.

Sowlaty’s confrontation with Stewart is unfortunately not the only thing the Persian beauty had to face in the latest season of “RKOBH.” As previously reported, Sowlaty shared quite a history with newcomer Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff, whom she allegedly bullied during their high school days.

“It was kind of like a shock to me, and different than my experience of it. It’s been a work in progress, I think,” Sowlaty said.

“Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” airs every Sunday on E!

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