Ridley Scott Insists ‘Prometheus 2’ Should Be Prioritized For 2017? Michael Biehn ‘Alien 5’ Claims Debunked

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
Ridley Scott Insists ‘Prometheus 2’ Should Be Prioritized For 2017? Michael Biehn ‘Alien 5’ Claims Debunked
“Prometheus 2” plot to feature Shaw and David’s journey towards the Elder Engineers?

Alleged sources said Neill Blompkamp’s “Alien 5” was postponed to give way to Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus 2.” When is the release date? Read on for more details.

Sources said 20th Century Fox is still working on the “Alien 5,” and it could potentially be released in 2018.

Sources pointed out that Neill Blompkamp’s script for the fifth installment still has a long way to go, with its script previously seen as merely an outline. They also said Blompkamp is yet to polish the tale.

“Ridley Scott is still producing, but has insisted on ‘Prometheus 2’ being made first,” Bloody Disgusting cited.

The insiders said that, as a result, Blompkamp would have enough time to work on the film and give him some leeway to make adjustments for scheduling issues that may arise regarding the work of Sigourney Weaver, 65, in James Cameron’s “Avatar” franchise. Furthermore, this would also be favorable for fans of both alien films since they would not only get to see “Prometheus 2” in 2017, but also “Alien 5” in 2018, just few months apart.

The insiders also debunked Michael Biehn’s statement that the “Alien 5” would ignore “Alien 3” and “Alien: Resurrection,” saying it’s not certain.

“It’s basically far too early to tell on that front right now,” the sources said.

Beihn previously said at the Sheffield Film and Comic Con that he and Blompkamp have already talked about “Alien 5.” He claimed that the movie is going to totally ignore the two films, AvPGalaxy reported.

Biehn also said he was confident that Blompkamp would include him in the sequel and was very positive on it. As for his role, he is rumored to repeat his part as Corporal Hicks; this time much older and whose left side face got burnt by an alien acid.

This seems to show that “Prometheus 2” is all set if the sources’ claims turn out to be true. However, for now they should be taken with a grain of salt as 20th Century Fox is yet to make an official statement.

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