Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus 2’ To Segue ‘Prometheus 3’; Imminent ‘Prometheus’ Trilogy Hinted By Jon Spaihts

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus 2’ To Segue ‘Prometheus 3’; Imminent ‘Prometheus’ Trilogy Hinted By Jon Spaihts
“Prometheus 2” plot to feature Shaw and David’s journey towards the Elder Engineers?

Jon Spaihts previously revealed he and Ridley Scott were in fact planning for three “Prometheus” films. Will there be “Prometheus 3” other than “Prometheus 2?” Read on for more details.

The American screenwriter and author said he had a discussion with Scott about where the future of the “Prometheus” franchise was heading had film studio 20th Century Fox made him the head writer.

“We talked about a possible trilogy or a duology, but more often as a trilogy,” Spaihts told Empire in an interview.

This implied a “Prometheus 2” and “Prometheus 3” were being considered.

Furthermore, Spaihts said he already had a broad idea on how he would relay the world from “Prometheus” to the original “Alien” film. He said it had a twisted order than the Medpod.

“My vision of the trilogy would have involved the arrival of the Yutani Company and a couple of other major plays around the Engineers themselves: the revelation of an additional grand Engineer design, and the possibility of seeking an Engineer homeworld.” Spaihts said.

In reference to the twisted order than the Medpod, folks over Prometheus forum speculated Spaihts may be referring to the Holloway Chest Buster. ‘BigDave’ thought would be a shocking scene if Scott intends to include it in “Prometheus 2.” Or perhaps more disturbing than that.

Spaihts’ statement about a major play around the Engineers seemed to coincide with Scott’s intended starting of “Prometheus 2.” Scott told Yahoo! Movies UK, via ComingSoon.net, that he would be making the Engineers as a good start for the sequel.

This was because Scott got tired with the Xenomorphs. It was since there was nothing much to do but snarling. He found the Engineers to be interesting to begin with.

Does this mean after “Prometheus 2” would come “Prometheus 3?” No one knows.

As for “Prometheus 2,” production is set to start on January 2016 and is rumored to be released on Mar. 2017. Nevertheless, readers should take them with a grain of salt.


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