Ridley Scotts’ ‘Prometheus 2’ is a lore of Xenomorphs origin

By Ruma Saha | 2 years ago
Ridley Scotts’ ‘Prometheus 2’ is a lore of Xenomorphs origin
Photograph showing image of Xenomorphs.

Ridleys’ “Prometheus 2” is going to show the origin story of Xenomorphs.

A report published in Daily Sun Knoxville says that Ridley Scott is going to show the origins of this alien civilization in the film. The story might peel this mystery in a slow fashion.

Ridley Scott has recently announced that the movie “Prometheus 2” will be renamed as “Alien: Covenent”. The rumour is in the air that the change was made after Neil Blomkamp announced to make “Alien 5,” which will be produced by Ridley. There was a confusion among both the directors whose project should start early. Ridley wanted to start his “Prometheus” sequel’s shooting at the earliest and release the movie by early 2017.

The report further informs that “Alien: Covenant” has both the lead characters of Prometheus: android David ( played by Michael Fassbender) and Elizabeth Shaw (played by Noomi Rapace). Ridley has announced that the story will have detailed exploration of Alien’s anatomy .

According to the report published by Scified, Ridley Scott wants to connect the sequel “Alien: Covenant” with the original story of “Alien” which he directed in 1979.  In the story, a spaceship named  “Covenant” is travelling in the Universe to find out remote and far of planets in the galaxy. They find a planet which they thought an uncharted paradise but was actually a dark dangerous world, whose only survivor was “synthetic” David . David was the only survivor of failed “Prometheus” expedition.

Ridley Scott is a Hollywood director and producer. His film “Alien”(released in 1979) was science fiction of huge success. He has directed several successful films like “Blade Runner”, “Thelma Louise”, “Gladiator”, “Black Hawk Down”, “Hannibal”, “American Gangster” , “Prometheus”, “The Martian” etc. Ridley Scott has received Saturn Award for “Alien” in “Best Director” category.

Ridley’s movie “The Martian” was a big hit in the theatres in 2015.  Now it is time to see whether “Alien: Covenant” can prove to be a big hit in theatres like its predecessor “Alien”. The report further says that Ridley has planned to start its’ shooting from March 2016 and the film is going to hit the theatre in 2017.

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