Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio Hooking Up for Years Now?

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio Hooking Up for Years Now?
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Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio have been on the news lately for “coincidentally” meeting up in various occasions and hanging out. But now, new reports claim that they’ve been hooking up way longer than that, even back when they’re both still attached to their respective partners!

Since they were spotted being in the same place together during New Year’s Eve, Rihanna and DiCaprio have begun seeing more of each other, though most of them were claimed to be coincidental. Reports even came up, saying that they were spotted kissing or doing PDA when they’re together, which were later denied.

It seems that the two have grown to be quite close to each other in such a short time, or so we think. HollywoodLife.com, Rihanna and DiCaprio have been hooking up for years now, back when DiCaprio was still with model Toni Garn, and Rihanna was with Chris Brown and later on with Drake.

“After his breakup, Leo started texting Rihanna again. They decided to have some fun. Neither one is looking to make this anything more than fun. He’s into her, and they’re enjoying it,” the insider revealed.

Things certainly doesn’t seem to be getting serious around these two, but another report also claims that Rihanna is already planning to introduce DiCaprio to her family in Barbados. This is actually quite a big thing, because according to a source for In Touch magazine, Rihanna wouldn’t bring somebody home to introduce to her family unless it is someone she really likes.

And it seems like Rihanna’s not the only one doing the introductions here, because DiCaprio is also planning to introduce her to some of his close friends and has even already introduced her to his mother.

“[DiCaprio’s mother] loved Rihanna instantly. She told her that she loved her drive and ambition,” a source told Music-News.com.

Could this mean that these two are planning to jump right up to the next level of a relationship? Post your comments below.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Ratatetito


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