Rihanna Confesses That Success Makers Her Feel ‘Unsafe’; Reveals Her Turn-Ons

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Rihanna Confesses That Success Makers Her Feel ‘Unsafe’; Reveals Her Turn-Ons

Rihanna has been an achiever all the way. But is it true that her success makes her feel insecure and unsafe? Read on to find more about the story.

It is not a mean feat for a singer to top the charts with thirteen No. 1 singles and sell 41 million albums. Yet this pop princess feels that it has been just recently that she has been able to appreciate her super success entirely.

Rihanna, 27 says that it is only now that realization is hitting her and she can understand her success emotionally. The pop singer shared her innermost feelings on success with T Magazine.

She however feels insecure amidst all the fame and attention that she gets all the time and even while others are celebrating her success, she wants to remain grounded.

But how does this pop diva manage to keep in touch with the outside world? Of course, she does it though her beloved Instagram account. She keeps uploading her pictures and that is the only way that actually works for her be in touch with all her fans and admirers.

However, it was not that Rihanna spoke only about her work. She also discussed the kind of man that turns her on. She likes men who are cultured and qualities of such men apparently intrigue her. They may not have had a formal education but if they are knowledgeable about different parts of the world or about musicians and artists, she may be drawn to them. Rihanna would definitely like to learn new things from such guys.

Having said so, watch out boys! Rihanna is definitely not on the lookout for a lover at present.  She said that men want attention. They are on the lookout for that little extra nourishment and ego boost. The songstress dated Chris Brown in the past. She said, right now she can shower her attention only to her work and family. She does not have time for a guy right now.

Photo Source: Facebook/Rihanna

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