Rihanna Documentary in the Works; Five Things We’d Like to See

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Rihanna Documentary in the Works; Five Things We’d Like to See
Rihanna Diamonds Ball

Deadline reports that writer, producer and director Peter Berg is planning on making a documentary about pop and R&B superstar Rihanna. The film, launched under Berg’s Film 45, will explore her ascension to global fame and will focus more on the character rather than her music. Read on.

The planned Rihanna documentary, according to Deadline, will be inspired by the Bob Dylan film “Don’t Look Back,” released in 1967. The director, who met Rihanna while filming “Battlefield,” has expressed that he likes the idea of exploring how the young artist rose to the top of her game.

Just like Dylan, the legendary rock star, Rihanna is the biggest celebrity of her generation. In today’s entertainment landscape, the artist is admired not only for her musical talent, but also for her public persona. A popular fixture among the social media generation, Rihanna has survived controversies, exemplifying what it means to be a rock star.

Here are five things we’d like to see in the planned Rihanna documentary:

  1. Her beauty routine. So much has been written about how the star keeps her flawless look, with reports saying that she spends over $50,000 to maintain this. As she is loved and followed by a lot of women, a peek into her beauty routine would be a good starting point for learning more about what goes on in her world.
  1. Her Instagram habits. Rihanna is a regular on Instagram and her account has over 15 million followers. Her fans will definitely want to know — does she have help maintaining this? Does she get annoyed by people popping up to clog her feed with nonsense? Does she also stalk other celebrities like regular people do?
  1. Her closet. The star is a fashion icon, no doubt about that. Her closet is probably going to deserve its own documentary. But wouldn’t it be interesting to see what else Rihanna hoards? Does she keep a box of mix-matched socks, too?
  1. Her family. Once in a while, Rihanna posts photos of the people near and dear to her on her Instagram account, just like her grandfather. Will the documentary give a glimpse of RiRi having an afternoon barbecue with her clan? Does she sit at the cousins’ table and do they mock an annoying uncle?
  1. Her work process. What does Rihanna really do on a day-to-day basis? Does she also get stuck in meetings with music executives? What happens when she fumbles during rehearsals? How does she handle her day if her assistant calls in sick? Do these things happen in her world?

Keep tab on the development of the Rihanna documentary here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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