Rihanna Exposes Her Curves In Bikini While On A Date With F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton In Barbados

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Rihanna Exposes Her Curves In Bikini While On A Date With F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton In Barbados

The daytime temperature in Barbados Island is between 26-31 degree Celsius, but still it was hot on Aug. 7, 2015. And it was only for the Barbadian singer Rihanna in a colorful bikini who was partying with the Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton. Read on if you want to know the chemistry between the two.

Rihanna and Hamilton are making the headlines after their spotted hanging out on a yacht in the Caribbean. Their new romance certainly made Chris Brown jealous of Hamilton as the “Loyal” singer told the reporters earlier this week that he still “has love” for Rihanna despite their history.

Meanwhile, the Mercedes AMG car racer was photographed with the “Good Girl Gone Bad” singer while on a vacation in her native Barbados Island and both were spotted soaking up the sun. On the other hand, the fans of both Rihanna and Hamilton are speculating that they are heating up their relationship.

However, they also had a bunch of friends with them. In one photograph, Rihanna was noticed lounging in an inflatable boat with those friends while Hamilton preferred to stay on deck. And it must have been an amazing moment for him when he saw Rihanna in a tiny colorful bikini and water was rolling down from her sexy slim figure. She had also showed off her cleavage and curves in a colorful floral bikini while both were standing together.

According to the Us Magazine, the first rumor of their potential romance broke out when they were spotted attending the annual Grand Kadooment Day carnival in Barbados. However, Rihanna and Hamilton have not commented on their friendship, but they have shared the photographs on Instagram.

The 27-year old Rihanna recently was in a relationship with the 27-year old French footballer Karim Benzema although later some cheating rumors have plagued their relationship. In the meantime, according to the source, she is still talking to Hamilton on their relationship and keeping her options open.

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Photo Source: Instagram/Rihanna Daily

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