Rihanna Finally Shares Artwork Of New Album ‘Anti’

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Rihanna Finally Shares Artwork Of New Album ‘Anti’
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For all those people who have been waiting for Rihanna’s album for three years now, here’s good news for them.  The singing sensation is coming up with a new album, which took some time for updates to be released. She understands how difficult it is for her Rihanna Navy to wait, therefore she has a gift for all. Read further to know about this gift from your favorite, Rihanna.

After releasing her last album, “Unapologetic”, Rihanna took a long break of three years but seeing the album cover of her upcoming “Anti”, we can say the wait was well worth it.

The album cover was shared on Instagram by Rihanna, which so far has received more than two thousand comments and likes.

The cover was designed by artist Roy Nachum, depicting a child (probably it would be Rihanna) with a golden crown covering her eyes completely like a blindfold. The child is holding a balloon in one hand with red blood dripping in the background. (via Yahoo)

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Explaining to her fans about the art, the R&B superstar wrote that she and artist Nachum believe that they have changed the history of album art. The post continues saying that Rihanna’s work will make an impact by doing the very antithesis of what the fans expect.

As per reports of Billboard,  the artist Roy Nachum showcased the album cover much before Rihanna and the whole sharing thing was done after. According to the news, Nachum debuted his art piece at Los Angeles Mama Gallery on October 7.

When reporters and fans started questioning about the album, it was then Rihanna who announced about its details.

Although keeping the guessinh  game on, Rihanna remained tight lipped over the release date and any other specific information about the “Anti”.

Rihanna was everywhere in the media due to her statement made against ex beau Chris Brown, who was recently  denied to enter Australia for his tour.


Photosource: Twitter/Rihanna

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