Rihanna Gains Few Pounds After Giving In To Her Temptaions! Find Out Her Look Now

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Rihanna Gains Few Pounds After Giving In To Her Temptaions! Find Out Her Look Now

Rihanna is gaining weight! —After giving in to all her food cravings, her figure just fell down, but it looks like she does not care at all! Find out why.

The 27-year-old “FourFive Seconds” singer is definitely a certified attention maker! Wherever she goes, and whatever she does, it would definitely create a buzz on the internet, especially in social media. Now, as RiRi flaunts her body in her recent Instagram post, it seems like her festive vacation caused her too much weight!

According to OK! Magazine, the Barbadian singer, Rihanna just flaunted last week her smoking hot bikini body while “barely” wearing anything in a carnival costume. Everybody went wild as she gives the people a major peak at her body envy figure. But, some fans noticed that over the past few months of her being in a lot of parties, RiRi looks like she just gained a bit of weight, a few pounds, as some fans commented. Usually, girls who gain weight went wild when they notice it, and if other people point it out to them, but for Rihanna… it doesn’t seem a bad news. She looks even better than before, even some of her supporters like her that way.

Now, netizens are wondering how did she pack all that pounds in just a couple of weeks?

The magazine has reported, citing sources, that Rihanna was surrounded by all her temptations! Rather than drinking protein shakes and spending time in the gym, she was locked down in the studio with all her food cravings—fried food, beers, cheese, potato chips, even mini burgers. The source added that she’s been giving in to her cravings while recording music for a new album. Technically, according to the source, the Rihanna Navy was to blame.

In addition to this, it was reported that she’s easily gained 7lbs, however the source insisted that it looks really great on her, and the weight she just gained was placed in the right places.

We always see Rihanna sporting a slim figure so, her gaining some weight is actually nice. Seeing her with additional curves is not that bad! Even her supporters thinks that too.

“She couldn’t care less really… She’s still phenomenal and the boys are still lining up to date her so she’s like, ‘Why should I have to diet?’” the source says.

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Photo Source: Facebook| Rihanna

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