Rihanna Leaves, Chris Brown Awkward, During Grammys’ During Domestic Violence Speech

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Rihanna Leaves, Chris Brown Awkward, During Grammys’ During Domestic Violence Speech
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There is definitely bad blood between Rihanna and Chris Brown. During President Barack Obama’s heartfelt speech on domestic violence, the “Diamonds” singer was quick to leave the 2015 Grammy Awards. Read on to learn more about it.

As previously reported by Us Weekly, many netizens perceived that the recent Grammys had been “hypocritical” about dedicating a domestic violence awareness segment while Chris Brown and R. Kelly were both nominated.

President Barack Obama was seen in a recorded clip during the Grammy’s. The video came on screen to shed some light on the importance of speaking up in cases of domestic abuse. President Obama claimed that “artists have the unique power to change the people’s mind and attitudes and get their fans to into thinking and talking about stuff that actually matters.”

Insiders from HollywoodLife.com pointed out that Rihanna was nowhere in sight during the video clip. A source from IB Times UK has said that Rihanna was planning on avoiding her ex-beau in the Grammys. The singer wanted to focus on her big performance and wanted the Grammys to be her night.

“She doesn’t want it to be dominated by everyone leaving the show talking about Chris and Rihanna in the same building. The Grammys are about the celebration of music and Rihanna has a job to do, she wants it to be drama free so she wants Chris, not to be there,” the insider said in the IBTimes article.

Apparently, that didn’t happen! The domestic violence video clip has got everyone talking about Rihanna and Brown. It didn’t help that it was the sixth year anniversary of when he infamously beat up his then girlfriend. The singer was not shown on camera during the domestic violence interlude.

Moreover, the rapper has recently announced that he was able to finish the remaining hours of his community service. He  took to Twitter to share the exciting news with his fans. He says he was able to complete the final 100 hours of community service and could go on his much-awaited world tour.

Do you think the feud between Rihanna and Chris Brown would ever end? Sound off in the comments below.

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