Rihanna Not Happy With Her Backside

By admin | 6 years ago

Rihanna, the popular singer from the Caribbean island of Barbados says her backside has become a disappointment. The singer admitted recently in Harper’s Bazaar, that her backside has not lived up to its complete potential. She said, she has been eating everything she can get her hands on, but something is going on with her body. She said she misses her butt. She claims it just went away somewhere and she needs it back.

The beautiful singer also opened up a bit about her volatile time with Chris Brown. She said when she was in love with him she was really in love with him, falling very hard in love with him. She said the way she felt at that time was priceless. Then, she explained, in one blink of the eye, her entire life changed.

Rihanna said that everything she knew up to that time had been different and she never thought she would feel that much pain ever. Because she experienced that pain, she said she is afraid to feel it again in a relationship. However, those feelings of pain did not stop the singer from being with her feisty ex-boyfriend again. The two collaborated on a new hit for her and while she is ok with it, she understands why some of her people might have turned against her.

She said the people have a right to feel they way they want, but they do not see it the way she does because she is in a different place than they are.

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