Rihanna Opens Up About Brown

By admin | 6 years ago

Rihanna, the beautiful singer from Barbados in the Caribbean, has started to open up about the incident that took place between her and entertainer Chris Brown, who at the time was her boyfriend. The incident took place in 2009, the night prior to the Grammy Awards that were held in Los Angeles.

Rihanna was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, which will be shown over the weekend. During the interview, why wiping away tears, Rihanna told Winfrey that everything she knew was changed in just one night and she was not able to control it.

Brown entered a plea of guilty to assaulting Rihanna later during the year. Rihanna explained that the incident took place while the two were in a car following a party the night before the Grammys. The car was parked in the area of Hancock Park. Police reports show that Rihanna was chocked, bit and punched by Brown.

Under a plea agreement between Brown’s lawyers and prosecutors, Brown received five years of probation. He also had to attend a yearlong domestic violence group and perform six months of community labor, which is a much more restrictive form of the more commonly known community service. In community labor, jobs like collecting trash or cleaning graffiti are performed.

During the interview with Winfrey, Rihanna told her she became very angry with her then boyfriend Brown, but also wanted to provide him with protection. She told Winfrey that everyone was going to believe Brown was just a monster, without considering why or where it came from. She also told Oprah that she became more concerned for the welfare of Brown than for own.

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