Rihanna Pulls a Dance Number on Jimmy Kimmel on April Fools’ Day [WATCH VIDEO]

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Rihanna Pulls a Dance Number on Jimmy Kimmel on April Fools’ Day [WATCH VIDEO]
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Though he is known for pulling a few pranks on his own, Jimmy Kimmel probably didn’t expect having someone pull a prank on him in the middle of the night just at the dawn of April Fools’ day. Any guesses on who the prankster is? It’s Rihanna!

On Wednesday, April 1, Rihanna was the guest in Jimmy Kimmel’s TV show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’. Kimmel then revealed that Rihanna went over to his house to pull an amazing prank on him. Rihanna admitted that the prank was entirely her idea and that she talked about it with Kimmel’s wife, Molly McKneary.

So what exactly was the prank?

Earlier that morning, Rihanna and her band sneaked in to Kimmel’s house, bringing along their music equipment, strobe lights and even some confetti. They then went up to Kimmel’s bedroom, where he is shown to be fast asleep. Then, Rihanna had her people turn on her latest song ‘B–ch Better Have My Money’ in full volume and dimly lit up the bedroom, giving it a nightclub-like feeling.

Seeing that Kimmel is slowly and rather groggily waking up because of the loud music, Rihanna and her backup dancers started dancing. She even jumped on the bed and threw bills of money on Kimmel. Some of the people in the room were laughing including McKneary who was laughing at her husband’s baffled reaction.

During the show, Rihanna admitted that she liked pulling pranks on other people, especially with hose she hangs out with more often. “My band, they’ve suffered the most…because on the road you get a little bored, and you get into a little mischief, especially during the last shows…” Some of her pranks included putting raw fish and other sticky stuff in other people’s luggage.

Regarding the release of her latest album, Rihanna said she is excited for her album’s release and added that they have not yet settled on a release date. She did promise that it will be out soon, so we can just wait and see.

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