Rihanna To Record Taylor Swift ‘Kiss & Tell’ Diss Song For Mocking Katy Perry [Watch The Video]

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Rihanna To Record Taylor Swift ‘Kiss & Tell’ Diss Song For Mocking Katy Perry [Watch The Video]
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/Rihanna | Rihanna suffers a nip slip at the 2015 Met Gala after party held at the Up & Down club which was attended by fellow celebrities including Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Finally, a vengeful step is going to be taken by Rihanna. The Barbadian singer and actress is all set to dig a pit for the American singer Taylor Swift for incessantly mocking her close friend Katy Perry. Read on for more details.

Rihanna, who is tired of “Bad Blood” singer knocking her bestie Perry, is reportedly in preparation of her own T-Swizzle diss track, which will slam her “frenemy” Swift. The 27-year old “FourFiveSeconds” singer is reportedly in progress to record a fresh tune about a “kiss and tell,” which she is likely to add to her upcoming album’s tracklist.

According to the August issue of OK! Magazine, Rihanna will record a song about a “kiss and tell” woman. It was said that it will be an “aggressive club anthem with a video that’s just as brutal as ‘Bad Blood.’”

International Business Times UK revealed Swift’s earlier remark in which she stated that the song “Bad Blood” in her 2014-released album titled “1989” was about “a former friend.” Although Swift did not specifically direct Perry, but the wig “Good For You” singer Selena Gomez wore in the video was directly mocking Perry.

During her performance at the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show in February in Arizona, Perry dissed at Swift by wearing high-waist polka dot bikinis and the background singers were wearing Swift’s style bathing suits. Even someone tweeted “@KatieWisecracks That was sweet of Taylor Swift to let Katy Perry’s backup dancers borrow her bathing suits.”

“Ri’s protective of Katy and bugged by Taylor’s growing good-girl clique,” a source informed OK! Magazine.

Perry is said to be unaware of Rihanna’s plan, but she knows that “Good Girl Gone Bad” hitmaker will certainly do something. Earlier, both Perry and Rihanna had dated John Mayer, and now they are known for their amity.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Rihanna

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