Rihanna and Travis Scott To Drop the ‘Love’-Bomb (But Only With Breezy’s Permission)

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Rihanna and Travis Scott To Drop the ‘Love’-Bomb (But Only With Breezy’s Permission)

Seems like Travis Scott has the keys to Rihanna’s heart. Even though the beauty from Barbados has been spotted with everybody from Lewis Hamilton to Matt Barnes in the last couple of months, it is apparently Scott who she is getting serious with. In fact, the couple might just be close to dropping the l-bomb. Read on to find out more.

We’ll just say it plainly: Rihanna might be in love with Travis Scott. The 27-year-old “We Found Love” singer has, well, she has found love with the 23-year-old rapper. Hollywood Life is reporting via a source close to the couple that they might just exchange the ‘i love you’s very soon:

Rihanna is glad because Travis makes her happy, reported the insider, adding that though the word love might not have been used yet, they are definitely getting there.

And Scott is gaga over Rihanna as well, but with one small caveat: He will not date her without ex-Chris Brown’s permission. For Scott, it is all about bros before famous pop-goddesses. Hollywood Life is reporting that Scott wants to clear the air with a conversation with Brown, as well as seek his blessing before getting serious with Rihanna.

And serious is what he wants to get, Scott’s friend reporting to the publication:

“Travis really digs Rihanna and believes he can have a future with her. He’s had many women in his life, but none of them compare to how sexy, intelligent and loving Rihanna is.”

Scott and RiRi apparently share an artistic connection as well as a romantic one, with their supposed plans to make a dramatized film adaptation of Rihanna’s life, as well as a remake of the hit 1993 romance: “Poetic Justice.”

Rihanna, who said at a recent interview that she would wait forever for the right man if she has to, has apparently found him.

Photo Source: Facebook/Rihanna

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