Rihanna’s “ANTI” and Chris Brown’s “Royalty” about to hit the charts, on the same date! Awkward!

By Sohini Halder | 2 years ago
Rihanna’s “ANTI” and Chris Brown’s “Royalty” about to hit the charts, on the same date! Awkward!
Chris brown

It seems like November is officially the album releasing month of this year. And to add a little extra spice to that, Rihanna and Chris Brown are both releasing their new album on the same date, which is November 27th. This news spread like wildfire and R&B fans are ecstatic, would be an understatement. Chris Brown, a former boyfriend of RiRi, is releasing his album “Royalty” on the same day; Rihanna’s “ANTI” hits the charts.

Rihanna, 27 and Chris brown, 26, has quite a history between them from the past. We can never forget the tantrums between the duo, as the “Don’t judge me” hit maker allegedly hit Rihanna ample amount of times, and once the law was involved. Now, Chris reportedly changed himself through the time and now a proud father to a baby girl, and his new album “Royalty” is named after his daughter which is about to go head on with Rihanna’s “ANTI”. As per Hollywood Life, it’s a bit awkward. A lot of people are gossiping that its pre- planned and it’s identical like, When Justin Bieber and One Direction released their albums one the same day, earning an impressive position in the charts.

Rihanna’s new album “ANTI” will hit Tidal, an exclusive music streaming service from Jay-Z on 27th November and after a week of streaming in the app; it will get a massive release all over the world on the next Friday. Chris’s new album also drops the same Friday and there are good chances of him topping the charts. But the best thing to gossip about now is, Chris brown’s album is named “Royalty” after his daughter and Rihanna’s “ANTI” cover art represents a little girl wearing an upside down crown. Now that’s pretty weird!

Photo source: facebook/chrisbrown


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