Rihanna’s Ex Cheats on Her: She Finds a Hot New Date!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Rihanna’s Ex Cheats on Her: She Finds a Hot New Date!

Rihanna might be switching men even as we speak. The ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ singer was apparently jilted by Karim Benzema who was two-timing her with Karrueche Tran and she has since started dating race car driver Lewis Hamilton.

Apparantly RiRi’s embroiled in drama as per usual, what with women claiming that they have been sleeping with her boyfriend, the soccer star, Karim Benzema. But Rihanna isn’t making a scene about it because even she seems to have moved on. If sources at grazia magazine are to be believed, she has been spending her evenings and, ahem, nights with the hot race car driver Lewis Hamilton.

Meanwhile, Rihanna’s other love interest, Karim Benzema has obviously been keeping many women busy. After Karrueche Tran, bikini model Analicia Chaves came forward to claim that Karim has bedded her and they’ve been seeing each other for a year now. The model shocked everybody by saying, “Rihanna is the other woman.” Intouchweekly did a expository piece on the whole sordid affair, and we think that RiRi will be better off moving on to greener pastures, or, in her case, racetracks as it turns out. As it turns out Rihanna’s already turned herself off from Karim and started this new thing with Lewis Hamilton, who is looking incredibly handsome in all their photographs together.

Sources told The Sun newspaper that RiRi has fancied Hamilton for years now and they recently dined together at the Da Silvano restaurant in New York before moving on to 1 OAK nightclub and ending the night at Rihanna’s posh penthouse apartment.

Grazia Magazine speculated that the press will have to come up with a new moniker for this A-list powerhouse couple. You know like Brangelina or Ben and Jen. What will it be we wonder? Rihannalton? Lewhanna? Or maybe even RiLew. Stay tuned for more updates of RiRi and her fun way of dealing with reality.

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Photo Source: Rihanna / Facebook

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