Rihanna’s Frightening New Trailer For Her Upcoming ‘BBHMM’ Video: BET Awards ‘Moment Was Staged’

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
Rihanna’s Frightening New Trailer For Her Upcoming ‘BBHMM’ Video: BET Awards ‘Moment Was Staged’
Rihanna and Stephen Hill

Rihanna introduced a one-minute teaser for her new video “B—- Better Have My Money,” at the 2015 BET Awards on June 28. Before taking the stage, the pop star threw money at Stephen Hill, BET’s President of Programming. Read more for details.

According to Radio.com, fans were surprised at how Rihanna behaved just before she took the stage at the BET Awards. It was in order to preview the trailer for her new upcoming video. She argued with offstage and threw all her money at  Stephen Hill, BET’s President of Programming.

What has actually happened? Was it a fight between the pop star and the BET? Not only fans, but also we would also be surprised to know what BET told about this.

The attention-grabbing “moment was staged as a lead-in tied to the teaser she would show for “Bitch Better Have My Money,” BET told Billboard.

It is reported that that Rihanna and Hill both posted a photo with a caption, “we kissed and made up,” on Instagram after the show. The photo portrays Rihanna kissing Hill on his cheek.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Rihanna gave a nearly two-minute trailer for her “B—h Better Have My Money” video.

In the teaser, you would see a wealthy-looking gorgeous woman stepping into an elevator cradling her little dog. Rihanna is already in the scene with a large trunk. When the elevator door opens, we could see that the dog is in Rihanna’s hand and the woman is nowhere to be found.

The highly anticipated video of the Barbadian pop princess reveals the moral not to owe Rihanna’s money.

If you are excited and thrilled to see the full official video of Rihanna’s “B—h Better Have My Money,” wait until Thursday, July 2, 2015 for its release.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Rihanna

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