Rising Star’s New Trailer [WATCH VIDEO]

By Alex | 4 years ago
Rising Star’s New Trailer [WATCH VIDEO]
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“Rising Star” is the newest interactive talent competition from the ABC Network. It will premiere on June 22, 2014. The show had recently released another teaser trailer that explains how the audience has the power to become the judge this time. Read on to learn more about the “Rising Star’s” new trailer.

MNG previously posted about the “Rising Star” preview. It is based on the hit Israeli TV show “HaKokhav HaBa” in 2013. Several countries have adapted their own version of the series including Brazil, Portugal, Turkey, and just recently, the United States.

With its premiere only few weeks away, “Rising Star” is itching to become today’s “game changer.” Its goal is to stand out among the traditional singing competitions with judges who had control over whose dreams are going to be fulfilled or shelved for good. How? Well, it was said that it will give the final decision to the audience with the use of an app!

In the “Rising Star’s” new trailer, host Josh Groban is joined by a panel of “experts” including Ke$ha, Ludacris and Brian Paisley in explaining on the mechanics of the “Rising Star.”

According to Entertainment Weekly (EW), the “Rising Star’s” new trailer explained that the contestants will perform in front of a wall and his/her performances will be voted via an app. The results will be seen in real time.

The wall will only rise if the performer can accumulate enough votes and be seen by the audience and the judges. The panel of “experts” will also share some of their insights about the performances.

If the performer cannot do this, the wall will not rise and he/she will be sent home.

Variety reported that Keshet International, the show’s international distributor, has found its partner in the company, Screenz. The tech company is the exclusive technological partner globally. It had started working on Brazil’s own “SuperStar,” which began on April 6, 2014.

“Broadcasters around the world now have the opportunity to create memorable moments in real time via our Real Time Platform, allowing their audiences to dictate the narrative of TV like never before,” Screenz founder Eli Uzan said in the Variety article.

Moreover, Groban and his “Rising Star” gang previously made an appearance together during an interview at 2014 Billboard Music Awards. The annual music awards were hosted by “Fast and Furious” blockbuster franchise star Ludacris.

Ke$ha also shared her excitement on becoming part of “Rising Star,” which might just become a well-watched show in America.

“Your career will either live or die in one song on this show,” Ke$ha said in the Billboard interview.

“America is watching. America is voting. It’s insane pressure. I don’t wish it on anyone. But I’m really excited to watch it,” added Ke$ha.

On the other hand, Groban expressed his openness in collaborating with his fellow music artists in “Rising Star” including an “operatic” version of Ke$ha’s songs. He also proclaimed that mutual respect is present among their crew.

And that’s it for the “Rising Star’s” new trailer. Don’t miss the premiere of “Rising Star” on June 22, 2014 on ABC. Tune in to Movie News Guide (MNG) regularly for more news about your favorite TV shows, upcoming movies and Hollywood celebrities.

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