Rita Ora’s Astonishing Confession; Was Abused Sexually at 14

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Rita Ora’s Astonishing Confession; Was Abused Sexually at 14
Rita Ora

Rita Ora confesses in her new book that she was sexually abused when she was just 14. However, she also says that she did not suffer due to that as she “wanted” it.

Ora has recently revealed that her grooming was done by a 26-year-old guy when she was barely 14. However, it has been reported that the incident helped to boost her level of confidence.

The celebrity judge of “The X Factor” said that the incident of sexual abuse occurred while she was studying drama at Sylvia Young Theatre School in London, United Kingdom.

However, what would astonish many is that the claim made by the singer that she does not think that she was subject to child sex abuse. The 24-year singer old spoke for the first time about what actually took place. She had her first relationship with a man who was about twenty-six at that time.

Some charities that work for children’s causes warned last night that celebrities and stars like Ora should carefully measure the consequences of their words as millions of girls adore them and consider them their role models. Ora had stated that she did not want to say that she suffered as she wanted it to happen.

The “I Will Never Let You Down” singer also said that she was more mature than her age at 14. However, she also admitted that she was quite a naïve too as she was not into any relationship before that. She was completely new to the world of a female and a man.

Ora said that the incident actually raised her self-esteem as there was an obsession within her when a man wanted her. It raised her confidence level, knowing that a guy was interested in her.

She felt that there was a kind or respect in the whole incident as she felt that the guy listened to her. But now she realized that the man behaved in that fashion as he wanted to have sex with her.

Rita Ora’s astonishing confession is mentioned in “Hot Right Now”, her new biography that was released on last Thursday.

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