Did Rita Ora’s Mom Told Jay Z That Beyonce Is A Bad B*tch?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Did Rita Ora’s Mom Told Jay Z That Beyonce Is A Bad B*tch?
Rita Ora

Did Rita Ora’s mom call Beyonce a “bad b*itch?”

When Rita Ora auditioned for Jay Z’s label Roc Nation in New York in 2009, she was left embarrassed when her mother told Jay Z that his wife is a “bad b*tch.”

During her interview with We Love Pop magazine, the “I Will Never Let You Down” singer said, “My mum’s so embarrassing about Jay Z and Beyonce, talking about nappy rashes when I was a baby! She also said to Jay, ‘Did you sing you’ve got 99 problems and a b*tch ain’t one?’ He said, ‘Yeah’ so mum goes, ‘You’ve got the baddest b*tch,’ and points at Beyonce.”

This is not the only awkward thing that happened to the 24-year old singer with her boss Jay Z because just recently she was criticized for her PDA for her boss when she was seen hugging him from behind. With that, some people have been calling her a “man-eater” but she was quick to defend herself and said, “I don’t understand why all have to give me this title. It’s not true. I’m actually a very pure, innocent soul. Shall I say thanks? I think sometimes, when you have a woman that has a motive and is career-driven, it becomes intimidating.”

I wonder what Beyonce has to say about Rita’s PDA with her husband as well as that remark her mom made about her to her husband.

What do you think of Rita Ora’s mom comment? Do you think it’s offensive or is it something that should just be swept under the rug? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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Photo source: Facebook/Rita Ora

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