‘Rizzoli & Isles’ Season 5 Finale Recap: Family Matters

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
‘Rizzoli & Isles’ Season 5 Finale Recap: Family Matters
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“Rizzoli & Isles” Season 5 finale two-hour special titled, “Bite Out of Crime” and “Family Matters” aired on March 17, 2015 on TNT.

On the first half of the show’s two-hour special, Jane and Maura tried to resolve the case of three men who died from a man who shoots from the trees. They try to find evidence from a man who thinks of himself as a “werewolf.” Read the first half of “Rizzoli & Isles” two-hour finale special here.

The second part kicks off with a man and woman doing a role-play. The woman is tied to her bed, screaming for help. A man in a cape says he’ll help her. She tells him she’ll reward him after, the man doesn’t respond and she hears a gunshot and blood splatters all over her face.

Jane and Maura arrive at the crime scene. Maura notices that the victim suffered from a hard blow to the head.

Frankie tells Korsack that they found the key to the cuffs between the mattress and bed frame. Nina tells them about the victim, Ronald Wallace. It turns out that the guy liked withdrawing huge amounts of money from his account.

Maura tells Jane that the victim died from blunt force trauma. She shows her a diagram and Jane whines when she sees it. They conclude that he was murdered.

Jane and Korsack interviewed Ronald’s wife Linda. Jane tells her that they suspect her husband was murdered. She recalls that there was a note on their door, which left Ronald upset a month ago.

Maura admits that she misses Jack. She tries to find ways to get in touch with him. Jane offers her some activities to keep her mind away from him.

Nina tells Jane and Frankie that Ron took his phone off several times and it appears that he has another phone.

Jane borrows Maura’s bag. She tells her that they’ll go on a road trip. Maura tries to identify the murder weapon on the road. Jane shuts her laptop and they sing along to the song being played.

At the Connecticut police station, Jane receives a call from Korsack. She sees a photo of a man and asks to pull up his paper work. Nina finds out Ron used his middle name, Allan Wallace.

Jane heads to the address. She knocks on the door, but nobody answers. A woman named Cynthia arrives and Jane asks if she knows Allan. She says he’s her husband. Jane tells her about the other wife. She tells her that they’ve been married for 18 months.

Back at the station, Maura shows them a bat, which resembled the footboard. She asks Jane to hit the dummy. She fails to hit the mark. Meanwhile, Nina runs a background check on Cynthia and finds out she used to be a softball player.

Frankie tells Jane that he found a burner phone under Cynthia’s car. Jane suspects something. Korsack thinks Linda and Cynthia did it together.

While Jane is lounging at the park, she notices a man holding an action figure toy similar to the one Frost had. He gets inside the Boston Police Department. She loses him to the elevator and takes the stairs. She sees the toy on the desk. Turns out Judith placed it there.

While checking the toy, she notices the photos of Cynthia and Linda and she suddenly realizes something.

The next morning, Frankie brings Cynthia into the interrogation room. Jane shows her the video when Linda confessed about the note and put all the blame on her.

Jane wonders if Cynthia was smart enough. Turns out she kept a recording of their conversation. Frankie arrests Linda for the murder of Ronald.

At the bar, everyone congratulates Tasha for getting accepted into BCU. Maura tells her that Korsack is organizing a scholarship and says she’s the first recipient.

Jane realizes that she no longer needs to be afraid. Maura tells her she’s strong enough.

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Photo taken from the Official Facebook Page of Rizzoli & Isles.

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