‘Rizzoli & Isles’ Season 5 Episode Recap: In Plain View

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
‘Rizzoli & Isles’ Season 5 Episode Recap: In Plain View
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Rizzoli & Isles” Season 5 Episode 16 titled, “In Plain View,” aired on Mar. 10, 2015 on TNT. Read on to learn more about it.

The episode kicks off with a man driving home and listening to the radio. He stops to check his engine when another car pulls over. A man gets out and knocks him to the ground.

Jane, Maura, and Angela are looking at some of Maura’s things. Maura receives a pair of shoes with the wrong size. Maura and Jane receive a call.

At the crime scene, Korsack runs them down on the details. He identifies the victim as Todd Reynolds. He is a freight manager at night. Jane and Korsack examine the car and rule out robbery. Maura performs a quick examination on the victim. Jane notices a handkerchief with blood.

Jane arrives at Todd’s home. Frankie tells her that Todd and his wife Florence share a 10-year-old son Logan. Jane asks her a couple of questions. Florence tells her that Todd isn’t having an affair. Jane talks to Logan and shows him her badge. Logan tells her that a man came to their house two days ago and kept yelling. He says his dad asked him not to tell his mother. He doesn’t remember the man’s face, but he clearly remembers his voice.

Maura tells Jane that the victim died from a neck fracture.

Korsack tells Jane that Todd’s co-workers had good words for him. She hopes it’s not a random thrill kill. They analyze his billing statements.

Maura returns the shoes to the shop. She discovers that someone is stealing her identity.

Chris tells Korsack and Frankie that Todd owes him $15,000. He tells them that he was at home with his wife that night. Korsack asks him to read the phrase on the paper. Logan doesn’t recognize the voice.

Back at the lab, Nina convinces Maura to report the identity theft to the police. While examining the car, Jane arrives, Maura tells her that there’s blood inside the hood. Maura finds out that Todd’s car was sabotaged.

Frankie tells Korsack that Chris’ wife confirms his alibi. Jane meets a detective named Mike. He shows him a piece of evidence and tells her that they have the same killer. They find similarities between their cases. He asks them to help him.

Maura arrives at the restaurant with Angela and finds her impostor. She thinks her impostor is living a better life than she does. A man suddenly collapses and Maura helps. When Maura’s impostor hears her name, she rushes to leave and Angela takes her video.

Susie examines both evidences when the fire alarm sounds off and washes off the blood from the handkerchiefs. Harry tells them that there was fire in the men’s room. Jane and Korsack find the cigarette. Jane notices that someone lit the stick on purpose.

Jane tells Mike that they’ve lost the evidence. He tells her he should leave and stands up. Jane suddenly spills a cup of hot coffee on him and he shouts at her. It shows that she had a recording on her and plays it for Logan. Logan recognizes the voice.

Jane tells Korsack about it. She says that it’s not enough evidence against him. Korsack tells her that Mike and Todd went to summer camp together 25 years ago and had a reunion two weeks ago. He tells her that Mike was teased when he was young and Todd was the leader of the pack. He found out that Mike’s stepfather repressed his anger. Todd wanted to apologize for what he did, but Mike didn’t attend their reunion. Korsack finds out that Dana Slowey exchanged a couple of calls with Mike and assumes that he’s Mike’s stepfather.

Jane receives a call from Frankie. He tells her that Mike has been inside his car for over 45 minutes. Mike goes down and aims his gun at Dana. Dana thinks he won’t shoot and calls him a pussy. Jane asks Mike to shoot him. She takes the gun from Mike.

At home, Jane tells Maura that her impersonator was arrested.

There you have it for the episode 16 recap of “Rizzoli & Isles.” Stay tuned on Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/TNTDrama/Alexapgutierrez

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