Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Winter Premiere: Bridge to Tomorrow

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Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Winter Premiere: Bridge to Tomorrow
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Rizzoli & Isles” season 5 Episode 1 Winter Premiere “Bridge to Tomorrow” picks up where we left off last season. Maura recounts the events at the bridge where Jane was convincing the suspect. Jane believes that the suspect was set up. She talks to him until he slips and Jane dives into the river to save him. Read on for more details.

The next morning, Jane and the suspect named Paul were still nowhere to be found. Korsack went to Paul’s house and saw the door open. He found Mrs. Wescort who was now drunk on the couch. Then, he filled her in on the details. He told her they don’t think he killed Danny Mitchell. She told him it doesn’t matter because still cheated on her.

Frankie received a tip saying that a fisherman was able to find them so they head to the boat. It was revealed that Jane and Paul are both alive. Maura hugged Jane. She then immediately pulled off, telling her she’ll see her at the office.

Jane’s mom lectured her hat Maura has every reason to be upset. Angela left and told her she has a big job interview.

Jane then gave Maura a gift and explained her side to Maura. She admitted that she wasn’t thinking of any of them that time. Maura said that she was afraid that she lost her. Jane told her they have a case to solve.

Maura went to the morgue and re-examined the body. Jane told Paul that she believes there was someone who knew about the affair. Paul recounted a red car, which he felt was following them before.

Korsack told Jane that Paul’s wife alibi was rock solid. Korsack asked Jane if she’s sure Paul’s innocent.

Maura shared that she found new clues. They believe that there’s a copycat killer from Paul’s last case with a killer named Mark.

Korsack talked to Mark who gave him a bag full of books. He used Mark if he had an accomplice because someone’s copying every detail of his crime. Mark said that a woman named Sarah Daniels wrote him letters.

Maura analyzed the letters, but she can’t find anything. Nina then admitted that her husband was killed when Maura notices something was wrong with her.

Angela arrived at her interview in a room full of young ladies. She was mistaken for one of the interviewees’ mom. She met with Frankie after her interview. She told him she didn’t get the job.

Korsack and Jane went together to meetSarah Daniels. They were surprised to see her in a wheelchair. She told them she lost her wallet with her driver’s license.

Jane then told Paul about the recent update. Paul told her that the area, where Sarah’s license was stolen, was just around his office.

Korsack got a lead on Paul’s case. He told Frankie that Carol went to a psychiatrist at the same office as Sarah’s therapist. Jane also found a credit card receipt that shows that Carol rented a red car. They tried to crack her alibi by watching the footage from her online chess game. Maura realizes that it was pre-programmed.

Jane told Paul that his wife knew about his affair for months. She confronted him for not telling her about his suspicions. He told her he didn’t want it to be true.

Paul went to Carol’s house to apologize, but she confronted him about his affair. Korsack and Jane were listening, but suddenly, they can’t hear their conversation. Carol told him she knows he’s wearing a wire. She pulled a gun, but Korsack and Jane arrived just in time. Paul picked up the gun and pointed at his wife. Jane tried to talk him down and Paul drops the gun.

After work, Maura gave Jane a pasta maker so she can make ravioli. They continued bonding by reading each other’s bucket lists.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/TNTDrama/Alexapgutierrez

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