Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: ‘Deadly Harvest’

By Marie delos Santos | 2 years ago
Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: ‘Deadly Harvest’
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“Rizzoli & Isles” Season 6 Episode 3 titled, “Deadly Harvest” aired on Tuesday, June 30, 2015 on TNT.

The latest episode of “Rizzoli & Isles” kicks off with a woman cleaning the room when she tries to run to the door and escape from the man in the chair. The scene later on shows the woman’s body hung over the ceiling.

Jane starts looking for Angela and admits missing her. Maura suggests having a girls’ night. Angela comes home and refuses their offer. She tells them she’s taking a night class on French cuisine but she can’t mention a proper French meal. Their phones ring.

At the crime scene (body farm), Jane tells Korsack the place is Maura’s Disneyland. Korsack tells her that one of the bodies in the trash did not belong to BCU.

Jane and Korsack interview Dr. Carlson. He tells them that he keeps things in order, which is why he discovered that one of the bodies weren’t theirs. He goes on to show them a map that helps them keep tabs on the bodies. He tells them the bodies were buried in trash 34 days ago.

Maura can’t identify the victim yet, but she tells Jane that the victim seems to be in her mid 30s. Jane finds it odd that the victim was wearing an old housecoat. Maura thinks she hung herself.

Over at lunch, Jane quizzes Angela and catches her lying. She admits that she’s taking ice skating lessons. Jane asks her to stop.

At the body farm, Maura shows Jane a male victim with a bullet hole at the back of the head buried for a year. Korsack wonders if there’s a serial killer.

Back at the lab, Maura says that the second victim had a broken knee. She shows Korsack a connection between the two victims – a strand of the first victim’s hair.

Frankie shows Jane and Korsack a report from the girl’s sister about a missing couple who seem to match the victims.

The victim’s sister arrives at the station. She brings in a copy of Bonnie’s resignation letter. She tells them that her brother-in-law broke his knee years ago. She gives them their dentist’s number. Later on, Korsack finds a match.

The next day, Suzy tells them that Bonnie had ketamine in her system. Jane rants to Korsack, Nina and Frankie, but they tell her they might have caught their suspect. Turns out, Carlson got mad at the student who locked the area at night a year ago.

Carlson insists that he was not at the farm on that certain night, but Korsack tells him that they have a witness to prove otherwise. Carlson then admits that he was there and discovered fresh dirt while making his rounds that night. He thought it was a college prank.

He explains that he was covered in dirt because he tried looking for the missing body. Jane asks about his whereabouts on the first four days of the last month. He tells them that he was at a conference.

Korsack tells Jane that Carlson was telling the truth. Frankie tells them that the suspect seems to be looking for a new victim, as an accountant and a waitress who match Bonnie’s profile have gone missing.

At the accounting firm, Jane finds out that the girl named Sarah sent a resignation letter. She calls Frankie and asks him to read Bonnie’s resignation letter. It’s a match.

Later, Korsack thinks these ladies do not have any connection. Nina tells them that the same guy named Jeffrey Tyler delivered water to the body farm and office.

Jane, Korsack and Frankie arrive at the suspect’s address. Jane tries looking at photos. Korsack finds a draft of the resignation letter in the trash. Frankie finds a gun. Maura calls Jane and tells them that Jeffrey had a history of mental illness.

Turns out his father hung his mother after disobeying him. His father recently died, which Maura surmises as the trigger. Jane asks about the family’s home and heads there.

Jeffrey comes home and sees Sarah trying to escape. He gets mad when he doesn’t see his dinner on the table and attacks her when Jane and the rest of the team arrive.

Jane shoots him in the shoulder when he takes her as a hostage. They arrest him.

Later that night, Angela admits that she isn’t taking skating lessons to learn. She tells Jane that she met someone.

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