Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Premiere Recap: The Platform

By Marie delos Santos | 2 years ago
Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Premiere Recap: The Platform
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“Rizzoli & Isles” is back with all-new episodes and new crimes to solve featuring Jane and Maura in the Season 6 premiere of the series in the episode titled “The Platform,” which aired on Tuesday, June 16 on TNT.

In the two-part finale of “Rizzoli & Isles” Season 5, Jane, Maura and the rest of the team took part in solving a case of a man who was suddenly shot in the chest and a man who got killed while role playing with his wife in bed. Read the complete episode recap here.

“Rizzoli & Isles” Season 6 premiere episode kicks off with a flashback. Jane and Frankie are running after a young man. The chase ends up in the subway until Jane hears a gun shot.

Jane and Maura arrive at a different crime scene. Korsack tells them that the victim’s identity is still unknown and a homeless man found her body dumped in the bin.

At the lab, a new trainee named Kendrick introduces himself. He notices Jane motioning Maura towards his shoes and asks if she wants one for herself. Jane sees the Internet Village print on the victim’s shirt and heads to the area.

Jane and Korsack interview one of the employees, who identifies the victim as Mona. She tells them that she started changing after she met her boyfriend Spike. She shows them his picture taken at Mona’s party.

Jane and Frankie are surprised to see Frankie’s new apartment. He comes out shirtless and Jane confronts him about his new place.

The next day, Korsack finds out that Mona seemed to be out on the run. Korsack hears from Mona’s neighbor that they never fought but Spike went berserk after complimenting his hairstyle.

Maura continues to train Kendrick. She tells him that his shoes aren’t suitable for business attire.

Jane and Korsack arrive at Spike’s home. They hear a clash. Korsack calls Frankie, who’s waiting downstairs and it takes us back to the start of the episode.

Turns out, Frankie shot someone else. Frankie insists that the man had a weapon, but the gun is missing. Later on, Frankie recounts the details to Jane and Korsack. He begins to worry but Jane reassures him.

At the hospital, Korsack identifies the victim as Shawn. Jane wonders if Shawn and Spike are working together. She sees the ID arrive.

Nina tells Jane that Shawn did not have any records of violence before the incident. She gets a call from the ID and answers their questions. She asks them to look at the security cameras.

Sam hands Korsack a piece of paper. He finds out that the security cameras weren’t working during the incident and tells Jane.

Jane begins to doubt Frankie. Maura tells her that Shawn is dead. She can’t do the autopsy on his body because she’s friends with Frankie.

Outside, Jane and Maura are watching Steve perform the autopsy. Maura notices the stomach contents and zooms in on the results. She finds out that Shawn and Mona seem to have the same content. Jane calls Korsack and they head to the apartment. They see several routers to stations in his apartment.

Nina asks them to come back to BPD. She shows them footage of the incident from social media, which shows that there was a gun.

Jane continues to examine videos and notices a certain man who didn’t seem shaken up during the shooting. Maura runs a match on the face of the man in the video. She finds out it’s John Stanton.

Korsack returns to the apartment with Nina. She runs through the routers and finds someone pinging through them from a restaurant. Korsack calls Jane and she heads to the restaurant. Korsack corners Spike at the backend of the restaurant. Jane begins to question Spike.

Jane shows the evidences to the ID. They bring Spike inside and he admits that they had a plan to crash the subway train. Jane begins to bargain with the ID. Simmons asks for the whereabouts of John.

Jane and Korsack check on the rest of the train stations. She sees the booster that John needed to control the train and smashes it. Korsack spots him in the café and arrests him.

At the apartment, Frankie brings in gifts for Angela, Jane, Maura and Korsack. Jane checks on him later on and he admits that he feels bad that Shawn died. Jane tells him it’s what separates the good men from the bad.

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