‘RKOBH’ Star EJ Johnson Loses 180 Lbs! Says He Gets More Attention After Weight Loss

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
‘RKOBH’ Star EJ Johnson Loses 180 Lbs! Says He Gets More Attention After Weight Loss
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook | E J Johnson

“Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’s” star E J Johnson is looking good, now that he has lost 180 pounds. He lost his weight with the help of a gastric sleeve surgery, diet restrictions and much physical training.

E J Johnson shared the secret of weight loss on Season 2 of E! Sunday night series, as he declared, “Half of me is gone.” He looked like a whole new person after six months of his gastric sleeve surgery. Johnson was proud to have shed over 180 pounds. He told his friends that his confidence level has gone up and that he is a ‘new bitch’ now.

He opened up to his friends, Morgan Stewart, Jonny Drubel and others on the show’s finale about his eating habits. During the show, he said that he hadn’t have bread for about a year as he has given up taking carbohydrates. He also told his friends that Pilates helped him in keeping his weight down. He confessed to having a personal trainer for help on the weight loss front.

“The surgery was definitely the best thing that ever happened to me. I never thought that I’d look this good, and that is the God’s honest truth,” Magic Johnson’s 22-year-old son stated.

In a candid talk with his sister, Elise, during the July 12 episode of RKOBH, E J confessed that the attention he is getting now from men is completely different than before, according to MailOnline. He doesn’t have to work quite as hard now as he had to before.

He said, “I feel like my stars have aligned right now. I just put out my energy, whether it’s flirty or sexual or romantic energy, and I just receive response. I get it back.”

E J has since upgraded his wardrobe to include more clothes that will show off his skin and physical fitness. On this, he said that he would like to include meshy and sexy things in his wardrobe, including some jump suits.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ RKOBH

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