Rob Zombie’s Back with The Lords of Salem

By admin | 6 years ago

Rob ZombieRock star turned director Rob Zombie has already produced five movies that showed he knows what he is doing behind the scenes. His films have an ugly theme yet he composes the images into stunning results.

I don’t know why his latest, The Lords of Salem, turned out into a mess. It stars his wife Sheri Moon Zombie as Heidi, a radio-station DJ in Salem, Massachusetts. She is a recovering addict with long blonde dreadlocks and tattoos. She lives in an apartment with a creepy landlord.

One night at work, Heidi receives a wooden box that contains a LP from a band called The Lords. She listens to it and after all the mysterious hisses and incantations, she feels strange. It seems like she has unleashed something horrible and I’m not pertaining to the movie.

Heidi invites a local author (Bruce Davison) on her radio show to promote his new book. He is an expert on 17th century witchcraft. While in the radio station, he overhears The Lords’ record and he knew something’s supernatural is connected to it.

He starts to probe the background of the band while Heidi goes into a hallucinatory trance. Whenever there’s a chance, Rob Zombie fills the screen with sacrificed goats, colonial-era crones calling upon Lucifer, and other satanic images. Some of the images he used look good but they are not really scary.

True to Zombie’s style, the color palette of The Lords of Salem is dark and doesn’t use any neutral colors. The blood looks more like tae instead of a river of red stuff.

Don’t expect the body count in The Lords of Salem to be high. This is not House of 1,000 Corpses. Nothing really happens on screen except Heidi’s trippy hallucinations. Overall, The Lords of Salem is not something you’ll be afraid of. It would give you lots of headache instead of nightmares.

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