Robert De Niro Beats Clint Eastwood, DiCaprio to Become ‘Greatest’ Actor

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Robert De Niro Beats Clint Eastwood, DiCaprio to Become ‘Greatest’ Actor

The American actor and producer Robert De Niro, who has starred in over 90 films in the past four decades, has been ranked as the greatest actor of all time. According to the new analysis,  De Niro has beat few of the most notable actors of Hollywood including Charlie Chaplin, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Clint Eastwood to get the top most rank. Read on.

However, Mirror UK reported that “this ranking is not based on any industry awards’ but on the different roles the actor has played. Getting the top most rank in Hollywood was not an easy task for him. Over the years, De Niro has worked in films that has marked him as one of the most talented actors of all time.

No one can ever forget his portrayal of young Vito Corleono in “The Godfather Part II”, and there would be no actor to play the role of Jake LaMotta in 1980s cult classic film, “Raging Bull.” De Niro has tons of films to brag about and “The Godfather” star scored a total of seven for his roles in “Once Upon a Time in America,” “Taxi Driver,” “Raging Bull,” “Heat,” “Casino,” “Goodfellas,” and “Deer Hunter.”

The survey looked at around top 200 films to give the rank. In these top 200 films, the sequels of any movie franchise were counted as only one and also, it was mandatory for the survey that the actor must have a leading role in that particular film.

De Niro was last seen in David Grovic’s 2014 thriller film, “The Bag Man” and currently he is working for his next film, “Bus 657” being directed by British director Scott Mann.

There are more films to come in near future by him and fans around the world are eagerly waiting to see De Niro in next roles because all we know is, he indeed knows a thing or two about his fans and we wants to congratulate him on this winning.

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